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ATC's SASET Program Kicks Off First Annual Robotics Competition

July 16, 2013- Albany, Ga.--  Albany Technical College's Students Achieving Success in Engineering Technology (SASET) program is kicking off its first annual Robotics Competition as part of the Summer Robotics Enrichment Academy, which started in May. The competition will be held on Wednesday, July 17, 2013, in the Kirkland Conference Center of the ATC campus.

The Robotics Camp is part of the $2.4 million camp Albany Tech received almost two years ago from the Department of Education to encourage students to pursue careers in the areas of Engineering Technology via the SASET Project.

The 10-week program is designed to encourage students to use their analytical and critical thinking skills as they learn to build robots through troubleshooting and solving problems using their hands and minds.

The academy is comprised of high school juniors, seniors, and recent graduates. The goal is to introduce participants to the field of Engineering Technology with the hopes of ultimately being able to enroll them in one of ATC's five affiliated academic programs: Electromechanical Engineering Technology, Civil Engineering Technology, Telecommunications Engineering Technology, Drafting Technology, and Electronics Technology.

Most of the participants came into the program with little to no exposure to robots and have worked collaboratively in teams building a VEX Robot with components they saw for the first time. During the competition, students will have the opportunity to compete against each other with their newly constructed VEX robots.

For more information on the SASET program at Albany Tech, visit and click on the SASET link.

 Robotics Comp 2013

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