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The correct answers to the questions you missed:
1. When must I renew my Financial Aid?
2. How do I apply for Financial Aid?
3. How do I stay up-to-date with financial aid policies and procedures
4. The office of Student Activities is the best point of contact for
5. I must meet with my advisor before each new semester
6. All students who are currently enrolled must wear the Student ID cards while on campus
7. Where would you go to view your grades, check your Financial aid award information, and view your Academic transcript
8. If in the first 3 days of the semester I decide I no longer want to go to school I must:
9. I can receive a full refund any time I drop a class.
10. ____________ Assists Albany Tech students who are experiencing academic difficulty by assisting them in developing plans for success.
11. Your parents, significant other, or friends can call your instructor to get information about your grades and attendance in class.
12. Your ATC acceptance letter will include the following information
13. To be considered a full-time student, I must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours
14. In order to change my major I must get approval from the following departments
15. In order to keep my ID card current, I must obtain a validation sticker each semester that will be placed on the back of my ID card
16. I can participate in student activities without my ID card
17. Albany Tech has a dress code that I must follow at all time
18. I can park on campus wherever I want
19. In order to obtain my parking decal, I will need the following
20. My Username for my Bannerweb account is my student ID number and my PIN is my birthday in MM/DD/YY format

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