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My name is Kerisha Wilson and I am a Retention Counselor here on the STARS Team at Albany Technical College. What is the STARS Team? STARS stands for Student Tracking and Retention Services. I am one of three counselors that support students in building long lasting skills needed in order to be successful and get the most out of your education. We desire to connect and correlate academic support to daily learning. Although the STARS program is intended to serve first semester students, the program is beneficial to students beyond their first semester of college. In order to support and assist our students, we ask that you consult your STARS Counselor before making major decisions such as dropping a course or withdrawing from the institution. We understand that life does not always go as planned, however, we are here to assist students with study habits, time management, career goals, scheduling, financial aid concerns, family or social situations, and much more. STARS counselors can refer students to external agencies that can better assist with addressing the problem area. We guide you towards your academic goals by providing resources, references, and counseling. However, you must be the one to make the ultimate choice and be in full control of your educational experience. We are your resource to help you succeed. We wish you much success in your educational endeavors! You can visit us in the Kirkland Administration Building, Room 158.

The program targets first-semester students and consists of three key objectives:

  • Encouraging the development of academic competence
  • Providing ongoing orientation to campus resources and services
  • Helping to identify early on students who require additional support

The STARS Team members are here talk to students about their study habits, work schedule, motivation, career goals, and much more. We may also refer the student to an outside agency that can better assist in addressing the problem areas.

The STARS Team consists of three key people on campus:

Programs have been assigned to each STARS Counselor.

For a detailed list of assigned programs, download our STARS Program Brochure


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