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My name is Katina Bell and I am the Help Desk Coordinator here at Albany Technical College. The Titans Help Desk is here to assist not only our online students, but all of our students with Confirm Attendance process, as well as accessing and using their student email accounts and accessing and using the eLearn/Blackboard learning management system. We are located in Prosperity Hall, Room 109 and our hours are Monday through Thursday 8am to 8pm and on Fridays from 8am to 4pm. Students may also email for assistance. Visit the Distance Learning link on the Albany Tech website for more information about online learning and the Titans Help Desk. And remember, we’re just a click away!

Help Desk Hours and Locations

Prosperity Hall
Room 109 (229) 430.3559 or (229) 430.3497
Monday-Thursday (8am-8pm) & Friday (8am-4pm)
Room 101 (229) 430.1854
Monday-Thursday (8am-3pm)
Nathaniel Cross Building
Room 335 (229) 420.1140
Monday-Thursday (8am-3pm)
*Health Care Technology Students Only
Center of Excellence in Electronics and Computer Information Technology 
Room 216 (upstairs) (229) 430.1854
*COMP1000 Student & General Purpose Lab
**Hours are subject to change without notice and all labs are monitored.

Additional Contact Information

For help with your student email account, confirm attendance, Blackboard concerns or other eLearn related concerns, please contact the Titan Help Desk locations above or dial 1.877.261.3113 (toll free); email us at or click here to submit a ticket.


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