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The Drop Period (the first three instructional days of the term) and the Add Period (the first seven calendar days of the term) are different. A student may drop or add a course(s) without academic penalty during the drop period designated in the official school calendar. However, progression rate and financial aid eligibility will be affected. A student may also add a course(s) during the add period designated in the official school calendar. Dropped courses after the end of the drop period will be assigned a grade of “W” with either F (failing), or P (passing). The WF grade counts as a failing grade. Any student requesting to drop/add classes must see his/her instructor and program advisor. There are no refunds for withdrawing from classes after the third day of the semester.


The procedure for changes in schedules should be followed as outlined below.

  1. The Drop/Add form must be obtained in the Student Services office
  2. The student must take the completed drop/add form to the Student Service office. Financial Aid will determine how the drop/add will affect the student's financial aid award and whether the financial aid will cover all costs resulting from the change.
  3. A new schedule will be available for the student to print via Bannerweb. The student is responsible for any additional costs.
  4. A Drop/Add Form should be used for any student dropping a class during the drop/add period.