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College can be exciting and overwhelming when it comes to scheduling classes. Your class schedule is critical to your success, and you will need the support and guidance from your academic advisor. Consider the following to help you map out a schedule that best serves your specific needs. 

Program Requirements
Because Albany Technical College offers a wide variety of degree, diploma, and technical certificates, different students may be required to complete different courses for their program of study. You can find the program descriptions in our College Catalog, as well as on the Areas of Study section of the Admissions web page.

Course Selection
College courses require good study habits, and you will need to learn to balance your school, home and work life when planning your college schedule. it is a good idea to ensure the types of classes you are taking are going to fit your unique schedule so you can be successful.

Course Load
To be considered a full-time student, you must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours. Try to balance your schedule so you are not too overwhelmed. Think about your commitments outside of school. Do you have children? Work responsibilities? Other activities that take up your time? Do not take more classes than you can reasonably expect to be successful in or you will risk lowering your GPA or losing financial aid. Manage your time wisely!

Time of Day
Albany Technical College offers classes on many different days and at many different times, as well as, online so you should be able to find a schedule that works for you. See your program advisor for assistance with creating your class schedule.