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About Blackboard
The link for Blackboard is . 

elearn logo newLogin and Password

  • The username and password for BLACKBOARD is:
    School code_student id (Ex. 20_900123456)
  • The school code for ATC is 20 and your student id is the number printed on your schedule. You will Not be able to use your social security number nor your date of birth.
    For example, if your school is Albany Technical College and your student id is 900123456, your login would be 20_900123456 and your password would be 20_900123456.
  • It is recommended that you change your password once you have successfully logged into BLACKBOARD. Please make note of your new password.
  • Note: Even if you changed your password in the past, it will revert to this default password every semester
  • At the Log On section,(on the left of this screen) type in your user name and password (20_900student ID number).
  • Your course should appear under a section entitled “Courses”. Click on each online course name.
  • Click on the Lessons tab or Lessons/Tests/Quizzes, then the Confirm Attendance Folder and then preview the course. Take the “Confirm Attendance Assessment” and answer “YES” to confirm – or “NO” if you’ve change your mind.
  • Print the “Feedback” page as proof of confirmation. You will need this at the bookstore.


If you need assistance with any of the steps, please contact the Help Desk at 229.430.3559, 229.430.3497, or toll free at 1.877.261.3113, or email You may also stop by Prosperity Hall, Room 109 or Room 101.
An online student MUST complete the registration and attendance confirmation process by the end of the first day of class within 24 hours of registering.


Click the back button on your screen to return to the Orientation after viewing the additional links