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What are America's youth doing?

October 22, 2013- Albany, Ga. from WALB-- About six million young Americans are neither in school-- nor working. What that means could be an increase in crime, violence and a strain on the economy. But some Albany schools are working to change that.

A new national report shows one in five young people is neither working nor in school. Are kids lazy these days or is it because students don't see a future for themselves in this economy. "The graduation rate is not that good in this area as to why the reason I would think they just lack interest they are unmotivated they don't see a reason for school I think they just give up," said High School Coordinator Betty Steel.

Albany Technical College is giving High School students an opportunity for a brighter future by offering a dual enrollment program. High School students can take college credit classes for free.

"They can come here and get a certificate only takes them a few semesters maybe two even to get a certificate and that can get them employed in a well paying job where as with high school even if they just do that you can only get minimum wage," Steel said.

Quincy Allen is a culinary student and dreams of owning his own restaurant someday. And says going to school helps open doors. "Honestly we could do a whole lot better because our future it depends on our education and it starts with our education a lot of my generation want to be in gangs or things like that I don't see that for myself."

Derrick Maddox is a marketing management student who has already started a jewelry business. "It all got something to do with the individual if you want better you gonna strive to do better no matter whether you are in a bad environment or not."

Steel says the best part of her job is watching her students who have struggled walk out with a certificate and to continue their education. Albany Tech visits high schools and offers tours. "If they would just look and see what sort of programs they were interested in we can help them succeed."

"Summer time I was like what am I gonna do came to Albany Tech working out for me maintain my grade average everything is going good for me, " said Derrick Adams. "Don't give up on your dreams nobody is actually going to believe in you like you gonna believe in yourself so believe in yourself."

Albany Tech will host a Forum about their dual enrollment program Thursday November 7th in the Kirkland Building. Principals, High School counselors as well as parents and students are invited to learn more about the program.

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