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Thank you letter

Write a thank you letter no later than 24 to 48 hours after the interview. The thank you letter/note is an opportunity to again sell your qualifications and to bring your name before the interviewer one more time. It is also an opportunity to reemphasize your most important qualifications for the position and note anything that you can enhance upon that was not discussed fully in the interview.

If you had a panel interview, send each person an individual note or send a single thank you to the key person for distribution. Address each by his/her title.

A handwritten note on a note card is acceptable, or a typed letter can be used to provide a sample of your clerical ability. Either one will serve the purpose of helping you make an impression and give the interviewer a positive written record of your professionalism.

In letter, note the position you interviewed for, and also the date of your interview. You should offer to come in for another interview or provide any additional information if needed. Include how you plan to follow-up.

Basic Parts of a Thank-You Letter

  1. Statement of appreciation
  2. Expressions of interest in the job
  3. Brief restatement of qualifications/skills
  4. An opportunity to add additional information you failed to mention
  5. Final "thank you"
  6. Date and time you will follow-up as previously agreed

The thank you letter must be grammatically correct and error-free. When done correctly, this could put you a cut above the competition!

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