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August 10, 2009 – To comply with a request from the Governor’s office, all Albany Technical College full-time employees will be furloughed between one and three days, depending on salary, between September and December. However, the College will NOT reduce the number of operational days by closing for a day.

Full-time employees must take either one, two or three days off unpaid before the end of the year based on a determined tiered-salary system. Those earning the least will take the fewest furlough days.

“The decision to furlough our employees is difficult,” said Dr. Anthony Parker. “The Governor’s office requested that all state agencies reduce their budgets with furloughs. We hope the tiered-furlough system will lessen the financial impact on a majority of our faculty and staff.”

To minimize the loss of instruction, faculty will provide students with online assignments during the furlough days.

“Our students must receive a certain amount of contact hours with their instructors during each quarter,” said Vice President for Academic Affairs, Joe Dan Banker. “Though we are furloughing faculty, Albany Technical College is working to ensure student learning is disrupted as little as possible.”

Also, administrators are scheduling furloughs for staff members systematically throughout the Fall quarter to ensure normal business is not interrupted. 

Albany Technical College must also delay the renovation of a few instructional labs and the purchase of some equipment because of the budget reduction.

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