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Albany Technical College to host a day of the Albany ARC/Lions Center for the Blind “Summer Transition Program "

June 23, 2010 - Albany Technical College will host one day of the Albany Advocacy Resource Center (ARC)/Lions Center for the Blind’s first annual “Summer Transition Program” beginning at 9am on Wednesday, June 23, in the Kirkland Conference Center. Albany State University is hosting the program June 20-27.
The program serves blind and visually impaired high school juniors and seniors of southwest Georgia. The purpose of the program is the empowerment to develop relationships, experience life on the college campus, make education and career decisions, and develop leadership skills. Approximately 20 to 30 individuals will be taking part in this experience.
“The generosity and consideration of Albany Technical College in granting permission for our students and team leaders to tour the campus is greatly appreciated,” said Collie Robinson, Blindness Services Coordinator for Albany ARC.
“Albany Technical College may be a perfect fit to help these students achieve their goals after high school. The Special Needs office can provide accommodations to assist each student in being as successful as possible in their goals,” said Regina Watts, Special Needs Coordinator at Albany Tech.
For more information about the Albany ARC/Lions Center “Summer Transition Program” initiatives, please contact Collie Robinson at 229.432.5151 or email

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