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ATC President Fights Fire

July 1, 2011 - WALB - Albany Technical College offers a lot of hands on programs for students. Now even the President of the college is taking the heat like his students in the Firefighting Program and learning what they have to go through to be successful.

President Parker says, "They have to learn how to react in that environment not to panic to understand thermo dynamics know where they are and what they are about before they can go putting fires out".

Students like Britnee Brown came all the way from Ohio to go to ATC and enjoys the real life experience the program and this training facility provides.

"We actually do skills here instead of just book work because I wanted the actual feel of being a firefighter so when I join a firefighter station I will already know what I'm doing", says Brown.

President Parker wanted to get in the action himself. And it turned out to be an experience of President Parker's life that believe it or not he wants to do again.

"If someone can show me how to get suited up, but that's the thing you gotta do, but I enjoyed it, it would be fun to get back in there with them".

ATC hopes that one day with more involvement and advancement of the program that it will eventually turn into a four year program.


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