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SASET Project Resources

Engineering Technology students within the SASET program will have access to program resources that will assists them towards success of class and program completion as they persist in the Engineering Technology program of their choice.

SASET Instructors are on hand to assist students with their introductory math and engineering classes. Only SASET students will be able to take classes from these instructors. This enables the instructors to work more independently with the student population.

Peer Tutors will be available to assist students with their introductory Engineering classes. This population consists of Albany Technical College students who have successfully completed the course work in the subject area with an “A” grade or better. If you are interested in becoming a peer tutor, please complete the Peer Tutor Application.

A Book Lending Program will be available for students taking courses from the SASET instructors. Students are required to return the book to the SASET staff upon completion of the course (Consult with the SASET staff).

Scholarships may be available for students who qualify depending on the availability of funds. Applicants interested in applying to receive scholarship funding, must complete the SASET Scholarship Application form.

First hand Industry Information will be provided to students about the importance of STEM careers by Conference Speakers, representatives from the local Engineering Technology companies, and the SASET Advisory Council Board.

SASET students will participate in the Summer Robotics Enrichment Academy with the goal being to increase their critical and analytical skills, improve their math and science skills, and enhance their ability to work collaboratively. Ultimately, the students will participate in a robotics competition. For more information, please visit the Summer Robotics Enrichment Academy page.

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