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High School to College

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Step 1 : Discover your options

NEW Move On When Ready

For students who are ready to "move on" earlier to the next educational level. LEARN MORE

Credits count towards high school 

Joint Enrollment

For students wanting to take college courses while in high school. LEARN MORE

Credits DO NOT count towards high school

Articulated Credit

For students seeking high school courses to count towards college credit. LEARN MORE

Take a test of proficiency


Step 2 Apply for your program

Applying is simple. Just check out the specific program above to find out step by step instructions on how to apply for each of them!


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That's it! Once accepted you'll officially be an Albany Tech student. Best of luck!


Have a question?

Please contact Barbara Brown the High School Coordinator for Albany Technical College. She can be reached at 229.430.1974 or


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