High School to College

Technical Dual Enrollment

Get a head start on your college career while still in high school! At Albany Technical College, you can earn college credit while completing your diploma in high school. Technical Dual Enrollment gives you the opportunity to earn a technical certificate of credit while working toward your high school diploma.

Technical Dual Enrollment is a program that offers students the opportunity to earn college credit and high school credit at the same time. This program allows students to experience post-secondary courses, facilitating a smooth transition as they graduate from high school and continue their education in college. Dual Enrollment courses must meet high school curriculum standards as well as college curriculum standards. More material is covered in dual enrollment courses, and they are led by a college instructor.


How do I get started?

  • Students must have successfully completed ninth grade or above and are 16 years of age or older.

  • The student must fill out a High School Albany Technical College admissions application. This application must be signed by your high school counselor and high school CATE supervisor. The application fee has been waived by Albany Technical College’s president for high school students.  (Link to application)
  • Students must successfully pass the Albany Technical College entrance exam requirements. (Link to required test scores for programs Compass, ASSET, SAT and ACT.)

  • Students must complete the Recommendation & Agreement to Participate Form (Link to form)
  • Students must have their own transportation to Albany Technical College if they are not taking online classes or at some high schools they may be able to attend classes on the high school campus.


Classes are offered on the following High school campuses:

How will the courses be paid for?

For qualified Georgia students, a portion of the tuition will be covered under the HOPE grant. Albany Technical College’s president believes that attending college while in high school is so beneficial to high school students that our college is waiving the remainder of the tuition cost as well as all fees. The only cost to students will be for books and materials. If a student is a first generation college student, receives free/reduced lunch at the high school or can prove financial need they may be able to receive money for books from the College Access Challenge Grant. Requests and documents for this program must be turned in one week before the start of the semester the student is entering. The request will also need to be made for each semester the student is attending.

In 2008, the Georgia General Assembly passed State Bill 492, which introduced changes to the HOPE Scholarship and Grant programs in Georgia. It exempts Dual Credit Enrollment hours, earned while a student is in high school, from being counted as HOPE grant paid-hours or combined paid-hours. Therefore students will be eligible for FULL HOPE upon high school graduation. For complete details on HOPE, please visit the Georgia Student Finance Commission website at  http://www.gsfc.org

Click here for directions for applying for the HOPE grant.