High School to College

Move On When Ready

The Move On When Ready program provides high school students the opportunity to “jump start” their post-secondary education during their high school years. High school students will be free to “move on” earlier to the next educational level. Students will have an educational alternative other than the traditional high school setting or school day structure. House Bill 149(MOWR) is an arrangement whereby an eligible student entering eleventh or twelfth grad, who spent the prior school year in attendance at a public high school in Georgia may take all his/her remaining courses at an eligible institution. The student will take courses approved by the State Board of Education and receive secondary credit from his/her high school with the goal of completing graduation and high school requirements at the college.

Move On When Ready (MOWR) students become full time college students. This program uses FTE funding to pay for the student’s college coursework. Coursework taken through MOWR does not count against HOPE scholarship or HOPE grant hours.

To be eligible for participation in MOWR, a student must:

  • Be a high school junior or senior seeking a high school diploma from a Georgia public high school.
  • Be reported as enrolled in a public school for funding purposes during the preceding October and March full-time equivalent (FTE) program counts.
  • Be enrolled full time in an eligible college, university or technical college as a dual credit student taking approved college-level courses
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress towards fulfilling applicable high school graduation requirements
  • Meet all college admission and registration requirements

Eligible students should work with their high school and college high school coordinator to select the appropriate coursework that can be used to meet both secondary and post-secondary program requirements. A student must be enrolled full-time in an eligible institution as long as they are attending the school. A full-time student is defined as one that is enrolled in a minimum of 12 semester hours. Student who drop below full-time status before the end of registration period for any reason during the term forfeit their eligibility to continue in MOWR and will return to their local high school.

Participation in MOWR eases the transition from high school to college, provides students an early start on their college career and offers meaningful and challenging academic experiences to qualified students. Students will have more flexible scheduling opportunities because courses can be taken anytime and on-line. Students participating in the MOWR program are eligible to participate in competitive interscholastic activities at their high school. However, it is the student’s responsibility to be able to meet all the requirements, schedules and conditions to be able to participate.

MOWR students must follow through with any high school graduation testing and complete any require end of course and end of pathway testing.

For more information see your high school counselor, the Albany Technical College High School Coordinator or the following website: http://www.doe.k12.ga.us/curriculum-Instruction-and-Assessment/CTAE/Pages/Move-on-When-Ready-.aspx