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ATC says GED price increase is worth it


May 7, 2012- ALBANY, GA from WALB- With GED prices are set to rise from $95 to $160 in just a couple months, Albany Tech wants students to know how computer testing is worth the money.

Albany Tech says they can help with students who struggle to afford the increase.

Taking the GED on a computer will soon become a reality for Georgia students. Also a reality is a price increase. Albany Tech says the move to computers is good and money shouldn't be a concern.

"So, testing is just another means by which we are moving towards technology," said Linda Coston, the associate vice president of adult education for Albany Tech. "In addition to that, I don't want folks to worry about money for the test. We have scholarships that will be able to assist students with the test fees."

Albany Tech already has a computer lab set up where students will take the electronic GED, but the classic paper version is not going away yet.

There is good news for people that may be computer illiterate. The test is still available on paper up until the end of next year.

That is when a whole new version of the curriculum will take place.

"Until we phase in the new test in 2014, we will actually administer computer based and paper based testing," Coston said.

If you pass the GED, you will get a 500 dollar voucher through HOPE Scholarship to continue your education. And there is even a window for people in Albany to beat the price increase.

"I encourage everyone who wants to beat the price increase of July 1 to come in and take the test," said Coston. "We currently just have paper based test. We will start late May or early June with computer based testing."

The school says the computer GED will allow students to see their scores on the spot, and you can register for it anytime via the web. Albany Tech says it is money well spent.

The computer tests have been piloted at Gwinnett Tech near Atlanta and Ogeechee Tech in Statesboro. Officials at both schools say the results have been positive.


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