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Maranda Lee
Retention Coordinator
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Kirkland Building, Rm #153
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The Retention Office exists to serve individual needs of students as they persist toward a degree and develop into lifelong learners. Complementing the efforts of the faculty, students are served through a personalized and structured approach that includes academic referrals, academic counseling, skill development, and workshops. The Retention Office serves as a liaison between the Academic Affairs and Student Affairs Department, communicates to the faculty advisors to promote retention and student success concerns and of other areas of the college.

Planning for Your Success

Whether it is help with understanding which courses to take or knowing your resources, we can help you figure out what you can do to become a successful Albany Technical College student. For students who are Undecided or Institutionally Accepted, we can assist you in establishing an individualized academic success plan helping you reach your academic goals in a timely manner.

Academic Difficulty

We understand that life does not always go as planned. You should meet with the Retention Coordinator before making major academic decisions, like withdrawing from a course or changing majors, and when needing academic guidance.

Additional Services Offered by the Retention Office

College Success (COLL-1000)

The College Success Course is a two-credit course designed for all first-time learning support students to promote their academic, social, personal, and career skills, leading to their holistic development and the encouragement of life-long learning. Students will also be introduced to many of the campus resources. It is designed to promote students' academic, social, personal, and career skills, leading to their holistic development and the encouragement of life-long learning.

The College Success course introduces students to the college facilities and college services so that students are better able to find assistance, if needed, during their academic experience at ATC. In addition, skills such as note-taking, learning styles, classroom etiquette, and use of various course related materials are also addressed.


The overall mission of the Retention Office is to improve student retention by preventing academic problems from becoming the reason for non-attainment of educational goals. For additional information on the services mentioned above, contact the Retention Coordinator, Maranda Lee.

Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) Grant Services

The TAACCCT grant services at Albany Technical College has an Academic Coach whose main focus is to provide wrap around services to the students in the Engineering Technology programs. These services include ensuring students who enrolled in the Engineering Technology programs are successful throughout the program.

Wrap around services are not limited to connecting students to tutors, connecting students to various student services departments, and academic/career advising.

The Achievement Coach generally works with the following engineering technology students/programs:

  1.  Civil Engineering Technology
  2.  Drafting Technology
  3.  Electromechanical Engineering Technology
  4.  Industrial Systems Technology


For more information, please contact the Achievement Coaches, Lori Cleymans at 229.430.0510 and Theodosia Lovett at 229.430.0409.