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How Albany Tech plans to benefit from remediation reform


August 10, 2012- ALBANY, GA from WALB- College students who struggle with remedial classes will soon find themselves out of the University System of Georgia.

It's part of new rules to make sure students can handle the academic course work. Albany Technical College is looking at the change as a way to help more students and expand their footprint.

University, technical school, and high school officials are all re-thinking how remedial courses are offered to students.

"The actual focus for it is to make sure that students come in into learning support, get what they need, and move on quicker," said Albany Technical College executive Vice President Shirley Armstrong.

If a student cannot pass remedial classes at a school in the University System of Georgia, they will have to find other educational options. It is why Albany Tech is part of a reform program for students called 'achieve the dream.'

"The primary purpose of achieving the dream would allow us to develop strategies that would help every student come in, succeed, finish each program, graduate, and go into the workforce," Armstrong said.

It is a work force that Governor Nathan Deal says needs more educated professionals.

"He has committed to making 250,000 more graduates possible," Armstrong said. "In other words, 250,000 more awards to given to individuals to go into the work force by the year 2020."

Albany Tech plans to cater to students who need academic help.

"We have just recently opened up our academic achievement center," said Armstrong. "The center has been with us for the last four years. The classes were all around the campus. At this point in time, strategically, they are all under one roof."

They want those resources to attract more students so they can watch them graduate.

The remediation reform is part of a one million dollar Complete College America grant, a national effort to produce a more college-educated workforce.

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