Predominantly Black Institute Grant
Albany Technical College Engineering Prep Academy (ATCEPA)

Albany Technical College received a five year grant from the Predominantly Black Institute (PBI) division of the Department of Education to provide academic resources to assist students towards their success in completing one of the college’s five Engineering Technology (ET) programs. This effort will be carried out under the umbrella of the Albany Technical College Engineering Prep Academy (ATCEPA). The ET programs consist of Electromechanical Engineering Technology, Civil Engineering Technology, Electrical and Computer Engineering technology, Drafting Technology, and Electronic Technology.

The goal of ATCEPA is to ensure that participating middle school and high school students are fundamentally prepared to be successful in their selected engineering program by the way of introducing participants to structured academic programs, STEM related activities, educational workshops, and the use of academic tools to augment the analytical and critical thinking skills of participating students. Additionally, the academy will address retention of effective teachers through professional development training opportunities, collaborative teaching, and through faculty-to-faculty teacher mentoring.

ATCEPA Project Contact

Michelle Williams
ATCEPA Academy Director
(229) 430.2882
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.