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Albany Technical College First CET Graduate Presents to Chehaw


December 10, 2012- ALBANY, GA- On Tuesday, December 10, 2012, at 1pm, Walt Tompkins, the first to graduate from the Civil Engineering Technology (CET) program at Albany Technical College, presented a project he did on the biking trails at The Parks at Chehaw.

Tompkins, also an employee at EMC Engineering in Leesburg for six years, returned to Albany Tech to obtain his degree in Civil Engineering. As part of his final capstone project prior to graduation, Tompkins chose to help map the biking trails at The Parks at Chehaw. Currently, Chehaw ad no map for the biking trails. Tompkins prepared a large map that he hopes Chehaw will be able to incorporate somewhere near the trailhead so that bikers will be able to more easily learn the course. He also prepared a brochure and electronic version for Chehaw's website.

Tompkins says that the courses and teaching in the Civil Engineering Technology program at Albany Tech helped him in more ways than one. Besides providing a foundation and understanding of the concepts and procedures that he performs in his current job, he says there is a lot of material that can be learned about civil engineering in the classroom that would rarely be captured in the workforce. He further states that the courses of study and material learned are an invaluable part of study for passing the PE Exam, which is required to be passed by the state to become a licensed Professional Engineer.

"Seeking technical education for preparation in the workforce is highly important," said Tompkins. "The CET program at Albany Tech is the only program in South Georgia providing the coursework for technical and communication skills necessary for a career in Civil Engineering, making this program an important hub for prospective students in this area," he added.

Tompkins will be part of the graduating class at Albany Tech's fall commencement ceremony on Friday, December 14, 2012, at the Albany Civic Center.



Walt Tompkins presents plans to The Parks at Chehaw for the biking trail map.

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