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Albany Tech Drafting Technology Students Present Expansion Design to Chehaw


May 1, 2013- ALBANY, GA- Students in the Drafting Technology program at Albany Technical College will present officials from The Parks at Chehaw expansion designs on Thursday, May 2, 2013, at 10am, in the drafting lab of the Center for Excellence in Technology building.

Chehaw Zoo Director, Kevin Hills, has been working with Albany Tech drafting instructor, Chinelo Ochie, and her students to create a North American Expansion for the Park. Chehaw's ultimate goal is to bring animals from different continents of the world to the zoo. In order to accomplish this, they wanted to expand the zoo by building different habitats to house the different animals. The North American Expansion is the first of such designs to accomplish this.

The theme the Albany Tech students came up with was to use an outline of the United States, which is the central part of North America, as the layout and foundation for the design. Different areas of the map are designed to house different animals.

Students working on the project split into seven groups and include: Group 1 (Garrin Harvey and Jason Tucker – layout and design foundation); Group 2 (Jeanetta Miles and Kailey Culberson – eagles and birds); Group 3 (Jason Fisher, Jonathan Perry, and Brandon Bass – bear, bison, and elk); Group 4 (Jennifer Bays-Murphy – cats); Group 5 (Michael Oliver – skunks); Group 6 (Julie Clark – tower); and Group 7 (Taurus Batten – prairie dogs).

Chehaw Drafting Presentation

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