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Albany Tech Foundation, Inc. Receives Grant from Bank of America Charitable Foundation


May 28, 2013- Albany, Ga.-- Bank of America will present the Albany Tech Foundation, Inc. with a grant in the amount of $3,000 on Wednesday, May 29, 2013, at 10am in the Executive Board Room of the Logistics Education Center at Albany Technical College.

Since most employers of skilled trades require applicants to own the basic tools they would use on the job, funds included in the Bank of America grant will be used to provide a competitive opportunity for graduating students to be more marketable/employable than they might otherwise be without these tools. Ownership/non- ownership of tools or documented certifications frequently determines whether an applicant is even interviewed for a position.

Basic tools for select trades can cast between $300 and $2200, depending on the specialty tools that may be required. For example, to sit for the minimum number of recommended information systems certifications currently cost an individual $911. The funds donated by the Bank of America Charitable Foundation will be used to purchase tools for students cleared for graduation at the end of this current term.


Joe Vanden Bosch, VP, Consumer Market Manager, Southeast Region Georgia, Bank of America,
presents donation to Dr. Anthony O. Parker, President of Albany Technical College.

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