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Albany Tech Launches New and Improved Website Tuesday

June 10, 2013 - Albany, GA - Albany Technical will officially launch a new website on Tuesday, June 11, 2013. The new website will offer many new features and enhancements including improved layout, a mobile friendly version, and enhanced job listings and contacts.

Designed with every audience in mind, the new site presents the end user with only the information they are interested in. The simple design of the front page easily directs the user to the most critical information first. This is especially useful for students and visitors alike to view information they need the most. In addition, the wider layout allows more room for content in a viewer friendly format.

With the mobile friendly version of the site, all materials that are available on a desktop version are now available on a mobile version. The website auto-detects mobile devices and displays the proper version. However, mobile users are also able to switch to the desktop version if they choose to do so.

With an improved “Areas of Study” link on the site, viewers will be able to access more detailed information on each academic program. Also, more direct contact information for instructors in each program has been added for student availability. Other enhancements to this area will come in the next several months as increased photo galleries and video content is added for each academic program for the user to access a visual showcase of each program of study.
For job seekers, the new site will offer enhanced online job listings with users being able to browse by job categories, as well as search by more criteria, including education level and income. In addition, job seekers and also keep an online history of job postings they have viewed. Employers who place job listings on our site can also manage their job listings by ensuring they are always up-to-date.

For the college directory, there are enhanced contact areas such a vCard link for each faculty/staff member, which makes it easier to students specifically to keep a contact for each of their instructors.

For more information about the new website, viewers can contact Wendy Howell, Director of Public Relations and Information at Albany Technical College.

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