Blanchard, Jessica Instructor, Medical Assisting 229.430.1720
Buchannon, Mattie Dean of Health Care Technology 229.430.1721
Calhoun, Nora Dental Assisting, Instructor 229-430-3544
Darity, Teresa Instructor, Associate of Science in Nursing 229.430.1025
Day, Lori Chair/Instructor of Surgical Technology 229.430.3552
Edenfield, Anita Instructor, Practical Nursing 229.430.6086
Ford, Mary Instructor, Associate of Science in Nursing 229.430.3585
Garmon, Cathy Chair/Instructor of Medical Assisting 229.430.3542
Grace, Craig     Instructor, Paramedicine 229.430.3093
Harris, LaTonya Medical Assisting Chairperson/ Instructor 229.430.3542
Holliday, Robin Instructor 229.430.4290
Holloway, Annette Instructor, Associate of Science in Nursing 229.430.3062
Lanier, Latrona Associate of Science Nursing Director 229.430.3698
Laslie, Melissa Chair/Instructor, Practical Nursing 229.430.1769
Leverett, Angela Dr. Health Information Technology Chair/Instructor 229.430.2988
Minick, Thad Instructor, Paramedicine   229.430.3092
Mobley, Dr. JaNee Chair of Pharmacy Technology 229.430.3596
Murphy-Henton, Sharonda Instructor, Medical Assisting 229-430-1720
Naylor-Griffin, Tracie BS, NRP   Chair/Instructor, Paramedicine Program 229.430.3093   
Oliver, Rashae Instructor, Surgical Technology 229.430.1770