Programs in this area are located throughout the campus. The Carlton Construction Academy, named for the family who donated the $2 million dollar facility, houses construction trade programs including masonry, construction management, carpentry, plumbing and industrial air conditioning. Programs range from Air Conditioning Technology to Welding/Joining Technology.

The Early Childhood Care & Education program is comprised of competent early childhood care and education professionals with profound education and experience who are committed to executing the most effective strategies in guiding young children. Classic and modern methods are united to provide the most appropriate childhood experiences as each child progresses through the various stages of development.

The Healthcare Technology program combines health care with technology. Healthcare technicians and nurses are responsible for maintaining and analyzing data crucial to the delivery of quality patient care. Programs range from Dental Assisting to Surgical Technology.

Located in the Charles B. Gillespie Center for Emergency Responders building, the Public Safety division is designed to prepare students for rewarding careers in public service. From firefighter to law officer, student train in state-of-the-art labs comparable to those found in the workforce.

At the core of Albany Technical College is business and the service industry. From Business Logistics Management and Cosmetology to Telecommunications, Albany Tech works to produce the most qualified workers in a wide variety of technology, business, and personal service fields.