Academic Advisement Center

The center will be the academic hub for Student Success Coaches, Online Tutors, Academic Advisors, and Peer Mentors who contribute to the online learning experience.

PBI Grant two students studying in libraryStudent Success Coaches

Success coaching is a proactive practice that helps students determine and achieve educational goals. The coaching relationship enables and supports students to make the best use of their own motivations, environment, knowledge, purpose, and external resources. Success coaching provides appropriate, intentional contact to support students in establishing and attaining goals. Not all students will engage the services of a success coach, but for those that do, success coaching works to ensure positive student experiences and outcomes. A success coach offers numerous services, including the following:

  • welcoming students to their online courses the week before classes begin;
  • staying in continuous contact via phone, email and other social media services;
  • monitor student activity levels and overall progress;
  • connecting students to the resources available to them when they have questions;
  • helping students to cope with the many demands of college life.

Online Tutors

Online tutors are available in an array of subjects and topics to help you wherever you need. You'll work live with tutors in a virtual session or you can stop by our Academic Achievement Center and meet with a tutor in person. Online tutoring has the advantage of availability when students need and are ready for it. We know from research that learning opportunities offered when students are most receptive create the best academic outcomes. Moreover, non­traditional students benefit from online tutoring, which provides support when they need it, leaving them free to tend to family and work obligations during the hours that traditional tutoring centers are available. For all students, having one­on­one tutoring support available as they're preparing for tests, writing papers, or working on homework assignments has been proven to be academically beneficial.

Academic Advisors

Students seeking degrees online are provided with personalized "degree roadmaps" that are developed specifically for them by ATC Academic Advisors. Academic Advisors help students:

  • by making course selection recommendations;
  • by providing advice regarding course equivalency substitutions, prerequisites, and academic requirements (university, school/college, and department);
  • and by monitoring progress and reaching out to provide assistance.

Peer Mentors

Other students who successfully passed online courses add value to the online experience. Contact with other students may be through group projects, discussion boards, chat rooms, or email.