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Revamping the Semester System
Albany Technical College Takes a Simple but Bold Approach

Beginning Fall 2019, the semester system will be modified to two seven-week academic terms that have been labeled “Success Terms” or “7 + 7 Semesters.”

This new approach creates six entry points during an academic year when students can start classes, rather than the three currently available in the traditional semester format. The shortened format will allow students to take classes and earn credits more frequently, while giving them fewer classes to focus on per seven-week period. Albany Technical College is making a bold move to ensure success for its students. Starting in the fall of 2019, the current semester system will be modified to two seven-week academic terms that have been labeled “Success Terms” or “7 + 7 Semesters.”Compressed Schedule Format for Fall and Spring Semesters

Albany Tech will be the first TCSG institution to switch over to this approach, which creates six times during an academic year when students can start classes, rather than the three entry points available in a traditional semester format. 

The shortened format will allow our students to take classes and earn credits more frequently while giving them fewer classes to focus on per seven-week period.  Students will never be too far away from the next set of starting classes.

Research shows that the new format can improve student performance with fewer subjects to focus on per seven-week period; increase the number of credit hours a student can earn per time period; and provide employers with employees more frequently each year.  

If the number of courses that a full-time student is taking is reduced at any given time, and there is an increase the number of block terms per year, then this creates a system where student success is likely, and the College will have more students taking full-time credits each semester.  This will generate a win-win environment for students, the College, and employers in the community.

In the conventional semester system, a non-traditional student might be managing multiple jobs, family responsibilities, and taking four or even five classes but with the new system, the course load will be lowered to two classes, making life more manageable. 

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Success Terms & Financial Aid

  • When your 2nd term begins you can only be paid for the number of credit hours for which you haven’twithdrawn. Example: you originally were scheduled to attend 2 classes in each term (Four 3 hour classes= 12 credit hours). You withdrew from one class leaving you with 1 class you completed in the first part ofthe semester and 2 classes for the 2nd part of the semester. You will only be eligible for 9 credit hours(75%) of your Pell grant award.
  • Withdrawal from classes will have a greater impact on your financial aid if it doesn’t occur before thefirst term ends. Financial Aid pays for courses according to the number of days you are scheduled toattend. Since each term contains approximately 50 days a withdrawal during the first week of yoursecond term results in your earning 55% of your Pell vs. 100% if you dropped your C-term classes beforethe term began.
  • Contact the Registrar to drop any C-term class before you complete your B-term course. If not, youcould owe back unearned financial aid due to a Return to Title IV calculation even if you pass your B-term course(s). Any part of the term for which you register because a part of your financial aid paymentperiod. Failure to begin these classes means you didn’t meet your scheduled obligation.
  • If you decide to withdraw during B-term and you have C-term classes scheduled you will be consideredwithdrawn from the entire 14 week semester. If you plan to complete your C-term class you must providenotice to the registrar before withdrawing from your B-term class(es). You will not be considered awithdrawal as long as you withdraw from all future courses on the same day that you complete a part of term.
  • Financial Aid pays based on attending hours – if you aren’t yet attending the class your Pell and/orstudent loans won’t disburse until you actually attend the class. If you have 3 hours in B-term and 3 hoursin C-term your student loan won’t pay until after the C-term class begins. Your Pell will also be split intomultiple disbursements during the semester.
  • Student budgets are based on the number of months in your enrollment period. If your classes arescheduled to run from August to December then your cost of attendance will be larger than that of astudent whose classes are scheduled to run from October to December. This budget directly impacts theamount of student loans you can receive or hours you can work under the work study program.

Contact the admissions office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 229.430.5281 for additional information.


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Be a Titan!

It’s immersing yourself into the superior education and experiences that Albany Technical College has to offer each and every student. From the classroom instruction and hands-on labs, you will become a strong Titan warrior ready to enter into the workplace armed with knowledge and skills to be the best you can be. And, while you’re here, spend some time on the courts with our Titans and Lady Titans teams as they lead us to victory every season. Albany Technical College... Be a Titan... Be successful!


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  • Tuition Rates & Financial Aid
  • GA HOPE scholarships and grants
  • Other options for veterans
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  1. Be at least 16 years of age. Several programs have a higher age requirement.

  2. Submit an application for admissions online. APPLY ONLINE!

  3. Submit a $25 nonrefundable application fee.

  4. Submit verification of Lawful Presence in the United States and GA Residency

  5. Submit your official high school or GED transcripts. Transcripts must be sealed and have your date of graduation in order to be considered official. If you are currently in high school, please note the date of expected graduation on the application; upon graduating please have your counselor mail us your final high school transcript. Transcripts may be submitted to:

    Office of Admissions
    Albany Technical College
    1704 South Slappey Blvd
    Albany, GA 31701 

  6. Submit official college transcript(s) if applicable. Transcripts may be submitted to:

    Office of Admissions
    Albany Technical College
    1704 South Slappey Blvd
    Albany, GA 31701

  7. Submit either: ACCUPLACER, COMPASS, ASSET, SAT, or ACT test results (5 years old or less)

    A transcript from an accredited post-secondary institution with a grade of 'C' or better in English and/or Math equivalent to the required level of program selection may exempt you from testing. The entrance exam will be waived if you have an associate degree or higher. An official transcript is required for this waiver.

    The entrance exam may be waived for diploma programs if the student has Old SAT version- scores of 400 Math or 430 Critical Reading; New SAT version- Reading 24; Writing & Language 25; and Math 22 and ACT- Reading 13; English 12; and Math 17

    The entrance exam may be waived for degree programs if the student has Old SAT version- scores of 440 Math or 480 Critical Reading; New SAT version- Reading 25; Writing & Language 26; and Math 24 and ACT- Reading 17; English 16; and Math 19

    Contact the Testing Center to schedule an appointment to take the ACCUPLACER placement exam at 229-430-2709. (add Testing link)

  8. Apply for Financial Aid; school code 005601
    You may pick up forms and information on HOPE, PELL, VA or other financial aid at our Financial Aid Office or the ATC website. Albany Technical College Financial Aid

  9. Once accepted, you will receive an acceptance letter and/or an advisement card to register for classes.
    The advisement card will inform you of your program advisor’s location and phone number. You will visit with your advisor to register for your classes.

  10. Attend a new student orientation. You will be notified of orientation dates once accepted.


Below you will find the most commonly used forms in Admissions. Forms are presented as PDFs. Click here if you wish to Apply Online or to access the printable application.


 After we receive your application and fee payment (returning applicants are not required to pay fee), we will send a missing document letter via email and postal service. The missing document letter or email will list documents required for admissions:

  • Submit verification of Lawful Presence in the United States and GA Residency
  • Submit official high school transcript/GED transcript (transcripts must be sealed)
  • Submit official college transcript(s) if applicable

Submit ACCUPLACER, COMPASS, ASSET, SAT or ACT scores (5 years old or less)

To expedite processing, please submit required documents within 1-2 weeks of applying

Healthcare Technology programs and Commercial Truck Driving requires additional documents and program requirements

Conveniently check your admission status by following the steps below

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the Login ID and PIN used to create first time user account.
  3. Find “Admission Term” under “Processed Applications”
  4. Click on the upcoming term for which you are applying (Example: Fall Semester 2017)
  5. View requirements at the bottom of the Application Summary page
    • If the received date is blank for an item listed, it is needed to complete the admissions process
    • The received date under requirements will update once documents are received and processed
  6. The application status will display “decision made” once all admissions requirements are satisfied
    • The decision will be displayed as either regular accepted or provisional accepted


If you have questions, please contact the Admissions Office:

  • by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • by phone at (229)430-3520 or (229)732-5280 (Randolph County Learning Center)
  • or by visiting the main campus at 1704 South Slappey Blvd. Albany, GA 31701. Kirkland Building, Room 124
  • or by visiting the Randolph County Learning Center at 241 US Hwy 82 East. Cuthbert, GA 39840

Welcome to the Albany Technical College Testing Center located in The Kirkland Building, Room 127. A picture ID is required for services.

Call us at: (229) 430.2709 or (229) 430.3580
Email us at:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Testing begins at 9 am, check-in by 8 :45 am
  • State issued photo ID required
  • Except for electronic medical devices, all electronic devices are prohibited from the testing
    center. Click here for a list of prohibited Items.

Download Testing Schedule

Testing Dates for Healthcare Technology Programs

$20 testing fee is required to schedule NAT and PSB Testing (fee is subject to change). Appointments must be scheduled with the Testing center and you must have a picture I.D. to take the test.

Hours of Operation

Walk-in testing hours
9am-12 Noon

2019 Saturday Accuplacer Testing Dates

All Saturday Testing will be from 9am - 1pm. Please call 229.430.2709 or 229.430.3580 to schedule an appointment.

  • August 10, 2019
  • September 21, 2019
  • October 05, 2019 (Titan Enrollment Day)
  • November 02, 2019 (Titan Enrollment Day)
  • November 23, 2019
  • December 014 2019 (Titan Enrollment Day)


Students with documented disabilities who require special testing conditions should contact: Regina Watts, Special Needs Coordinator at 229.430.2854

Useful Documents

Placement Test Preparation graphic with students gathered together.PLACEMENT TEST PREPARATION

Taking the time to prepare for college placement tests is the smart way to improve your scores and reduce the likelihood of being assigned to developmental courses. Please contact the library for assistance.

PrepStep Placement Test Preparation


ATC Dual Enrollment logo

Albany Technical College's Dual Enrollment Program allows qualified high school students to maximize their education and career training by taking courses that earn college and high school credit at the same time! Under Dual Enrollment, students may take academic core courses that can transfer to TCSG colleges or USG colleges and universities. Students may also take occupational and career courses that can help jump start a career. Students who are in the 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grades, attend a participating Georgia high school or an approved home study program may qualify to take college-level courses under the Dual Enrollment Program.

The program is offered during all academic semesters - Fall, Spring, and Summer. Georgia Student Finance Commission requires that a Dual Enrollment High School/Home Study Program Participation Agreement be on file for each high school/home study program in order for students from that high school/home study program to participate in the Dual Enrollment program. Full tuition and most fees and textbook costs are covered. 

For more information about Dual Enrollment and its requirements, please visit the Georgia Department of Education's website.


Dual Enrollment Admission Requirements

  • Student must be enrolled in an eligible public or private high school or home school program in Georgia.
  • Student must the a minimum of 14 years of age prior to the first day of their college enrollment term. Some programs at ATC have higher age requirements due to industry standards. See program details for more information on age requirements by program.
  • Student must mean minimum SAT, ACT, or ACCUPLACER placement test scores. These vary by programs of study.

Enroll in Dual Enrollment at Albany Tech


Dual Enrollment Application

Step 1: Complete the Admissions Application: Dual Enrollment Admissions Application for ATC [PDF]

Step 2: Submit your SAT or ACT test scores to ATC – OR – complete the ACCUPLACER placement exam at ATC. See program details for placement test score requirements by program.

Step 3: Meet with your high school counselor/home school administrator and parent/guardian to discuss which courses you need for Dual Enrollment.

Step 4: Complete Dual Enrollment financial aid application.

  • Students attending a public or private high school should log into and complete the Dual Enrollment funding application online. If you do not have a GA Futures account, then you will need to create one or get assistance from your high school counselor.

  • Students attending a home study program must complete the Dual Enrollment paper application and do not need to set up a GA Futures account.

Step 5: Receive acceptance letter/email.

Step 6: See your ATC High School Coordinator to get your books for your courses.


Assessment Testing Information

  • There is no charge for the ACCUPLACER placement test for students wishing to pursue Dual Enrollment.

  • Students must present their photo ID at the time of the test, and identify themselves to the testing administrator as a high school student testing for Dual Enrollment.

  • Students must select that they are “testing for Dual Enrollment” on the Testing Registration Form (completed at the time of the test) to ensure that the testing fee is waived.

  • Students are allotted two testing attempts to meet minimum scores during their high school career.

To schedule your ACCUPLACER assessment test, please contact your High School Coordinator.


ATC High School Coordinators

For more information about the Dual Enrollment program at Albany Tech, please contact us. We look forward to speaking with you!

Quanta Bell, HS Coordinator
Phone: 229.430.6060
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cassandra Oliver, HS Coordinator
Phone: 229.430.0918
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG)

List of Recognized Accreditation Agencies

It is the responsibility of the applicant to find out if the high school is accredited by one of these agencies. 

TCSG only accepts high school diplomas from secondary schools accredited by one of  the following accreditation agencies.  Acceptable accreditation must be in place when the diploma was granted.  The following agencies are approved:

Regional accrediting agencies which include:

  • Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
  • New England Association of Schools and Colleges
  • North Central Association of Colleges and Schools/Council on Accreditation and School Improvement
  • Northwest Accreditation Commission
  • Western Association of Schools and Colleges
  • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools/Council on Accreditation and School Improvement
  • Georgia Accrediting Commission
  • Georgia Association of Christian Schools
  • Association of Christian Schools International
  • Georgia Private School Accreditation Council
  • Accrediting Commission for Independent Study (note:  ACIS merged with the Georgia Accrediting Commission in 2005)
  • Southern Association of Independent Schools
  • Florida Council of Independent Schools
  • Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools
  • South Carolina Independent School Association
  • Texas Private School Accreditation Commission
  • Distance Education Training Council

TCSG will accept a high school diploma from a public school that is not accredited by one of the above agencies but is regulated by a school system and state department of education.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to find out if their school is accredited by one of these agencies before applying for admissions. Applicants may want to seek help from the high school’s Principal or the Admissions Office to find out the name of the accrediting agency. Graduation from a high school accredited by one of these agencies is required for graduation from Albany Technical College.

All US Dollar amounts are ESTIMATES only.

International Student Admissions – Student Visa – I-20

International students who either have an I-20 or who wish to get one are subject to electronic tracking requirements through The Department of Homeland Security, Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS), SEVIS program. International students who wish to have an I-20 issued so that they can apply to the U.S. embassy in their country for a student visa (F-1) to enter the United States and study must meet all the requirements listed on the Admissions Requirements for International Student Applicants information sheet.

Please contact us if you have questions after reading the attachments. Our goal is to reply to emails within 48-hours of receipt, not including weekends or holidays. The following are Albany Technical College’s contact persons for international admissions.
Beth Davis, Director of Student Affairs, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please read the Student Services Calendar under the Student Services link for important deadlines dates.

NOTE that complete international student applications are due 30 calendar days before the beginning of the term for which the student wishes to apply.

Transfer Admissions Requirements

Applicants to ATC who have been previously enrolled at a post-secondary institution will be considered for admission under the following criteria:

  • Applicants who are in good standing at their previous institution may be accepted in good standing.
  • Applicants who are on academic probation at their previous institution may be accepted only on academic probation.
  • Applicants who are on academic or disciplinary suspension will NOT be accepted unless they have satisfied the conditions of their suspension and are eligible for re-admission into their former college.

Applicants for transfer admission must submit the following to the Admissions Office:

  1. Application for admission
  2. Official transcript(s) from each post-secondary institution attended
  3. Official high school transcript
  4. SAT, ACT, CPE or other nationally recognized admissions placement test scores.

*Admissions placement testing may not be required for applicants who are in good standing at a regionally accredited institution.

Applicants must complete 25 percent of their coursework from Albany Technical College in order to graduate from ATC.

Transfer credit may be awarded for courses completed with a "C" or better from a regionally accredited technical college, college or university.

Transient Students Admissions Requirements

ATC students desiring to take a course or courses from another accredited institution must have prior approval from the ATC registrar and be in good standing. It is the student's responsibility to apply to the institution he or she wishes to attend as a transient student and have a transcript sent to ATC at the end of the semester in order for the grade to be issued as a transfer grade. Only grades of "C" or better are accepted as transfer grades.

If transient status is not approved, courses will NOT be eligible for transfer to an ATC program of study.

Out-of-area students wishing to attend ATC as a transient student must do the following:

  1. Submit an application.
  2. Present a statement from the registrar of the parent institution showing the student is in good standing and eligible to return to that institution.
  3. Pay the ATC schedule of fees.

The 25-credit-hour maximum may be waived for transient students upon the recommendation of the parent institution. 

Readmission guidelines

Students who have not attended ATC for more than one semester or who withdrew voluntarily or were suspended during their last semester of enrollment may apply to re-enter at the beginning of any semester as a returning student. Applications to re-enter must be made through the Office of Admissions. Reapplication does not guarantee acceptance.

Students re-entering after being suspended must meet their conditions of re-entry as established by the disciplinary committee.

Admissions: 229.430.6193 | Financial Aid - 229.430.6158 |

Welcome. We are glad you have decided to apply to Albany Technical College. The steps below will help you through your application process of Applying Online. Due to COVID-19 the application fee has been waived for the Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 semesters.



When you click the link below you will be sent to Online-Applications web page. There you will have the choice to create a new account if you are a first time user or if you have already created an account you can enter your login information. Please follow the instructions on how to create your new Login ID and Pin and remember to write down this information because you will need it to check on your application status.

Online Application




After you have created an account and have successfully logged in, you will now have to choose your Application Type. your options will be:

  • Beginning Student
    Someone who has never attended Albany Technical College before and has not attended another college.
  • Returning Student
    Someone who has attended Albany Technical College and wants to apply for readmission to the college.
  • Transfer Student
    Someone who has attended another college before applying to Albany Technical College.
  • Transient Student
    Someone who is currently enrolled at another institution and is seeking temporary (one term) admission to Albany Technical College in order to take coursework that will transfer back to the home institution.
  • High School Student
    Someone who is currently enrolled in the Dual Enrollment Program.
  • International Student
    Someone from outside of the United States of America who wishes to enroll at Albany Technical College




After selecting your application type you will be prompted to select the term you want to apply for and then enter your full name. When you are done hit the click on Fill Out Application to continue.

You will be then led to the Application Checklist Page. Here you can complete each section in any order you wish. Below is a list of sections that need to be filled out to complete the application:

  1. Name
  2. Mailing Address
  3. Personal Information
  4. Additional Information
  5. Planned Course of Study
  6. High School Information
  7. Application Payment

Please make sure you fill out and have completed all sections and have paid the $25 Application Fee (can be paid by check or credit card) before you click on the Application is Complete option.




After filling out and submitting your online-application we ask that you submit the following documents to the Albany Technical College's Admission Office within 7 days of applying:

  1. Valid Driver's License or ID
  2. Official High School / GED Transcript
  3. Official College Transcript (if applicable)
  4. SAT, ACT, COMPASS or ACCUPLACER scores (5 years older or less)
    If you have not yet taken the ACCUPLACER test, contact the Testing Center to schedule an appointment to take the ACCUPLACER placement exam (Call 229-430-2709 - Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). For Healthcare Technology programs additional testing may be necessary.




Click on the link below and you will be led to our How to Apply for Financial Aid web page so you can get started applying for Financial Aid.

How To Apply for Financial Aid
Admissions Office
If you have additional questions, please contact the Admissions office:

1704 South Slappey Blvd.
Albany, Georgia 31701
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • 229.430.6194
  • 229.430.6193
  • 229.430.6196


  • 229.430.6158
  • 229.430.6159