Dual Enrolled

Through the Dual Enrolled program, high school students have the option of getting a jump start on their college career at Albany Technical College (ATC) while still in high school. Eligible high school students may enroll in ATC prgrams of study while in high school. Dual credit can be earned from a wide range of courses and programs. Eligible high school students must be approved by the high school counselor. The high school student must complete and submit an ATC High School Student Admissions Application, signed by the appropriate high school official. Also, an online Dual Enrolled Application must be completed. The high school student must complete the Dual Enrolled Application and submit it to the high school counselor for approval. Courses taken must appear in the Dual Enrolled Directory. The student can take up to 15 ATC credit hours per semester. Dual Enrolled will cover tuition. Students will receive credit at their high school and at Albany Technical College.