Exemption Credit

Instructional departments, on an optional basis, may establish approved exams to be administered by the Special Populations Coordinator for credit exemption purposes. Students with prior military training, documented prior education and/or work experience may take a course exemption test before registering for a course. The student must obtain a request for exemption testing from the Special Populations Coordinator and pay a test administration fee based on the cost per credit hour.

When a student passes a course exemption test, it is reported to the registrar for entry on the student’s permanent academic record showing the course number and title. Credit hours are awarded, but no grade is given. No money is refunded if the exam is not passed, and students may only take a course exemption test once. Exemption testing is scheduled as needed on an individual basis. The following rules govern exemption tests:

The following rules govern exemption tests:

1. A student cannot take an exemption test for a class if he/she is currently registered for that class.

2. A student cannot withdraw from a course and sign up to take an exemption exam.

3. A student cannot take an exemption exam for a course in which a grade has been earned or has been previously attempted.

4. All exemption tests must be taken prior to the first day of class for the planned term of entry.

5. A student cannot exempt more than 18 credit hours per term without approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

6. If a given course has a prerequisite course requirement, the prerequisite must be satisfied by either exemption or successful completion of the course before exemption may be attempted.

7. The minimum pass rate for an exemption examination is 80%.

8. No grade, grade points or credit hours are assigned to exempted examination credit. A grade of EXE will be entered on the permanent record if the exemption exam is completed successfully.

9. Any student receiving exemption credit through examination, transfer credit, or transient credit must still complete at least 25% of the credit hours of the required curriculum for graduation at Albany Technical College.

10. Students are responsible for the cost of the exemption exams; financial aid is not available for exemption exams.