NCCER Masonry Technology Diploma (MT12)  Diploma

Program Description:

The Masonry Technician Technical Certificate of Credit program utilizes the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) curriculum for instructional purposes and customizes labs and classroom for practical and project-based learning. The program includes mixing cement and concrete materials; setting and laying block, brick, chimney block, ornamental brick work. Practical work and projects include laying masonry units to the line; erecting walls, chimneys, brick and block piers, brick arches, plastering, stone veneer work; and an actual working fireplace. students will learn how to square and build foundations, as well as forming and pouring concrete. Basic skill development in the use of trowels, brick ruler, levels, transits, blueprint reading and proper work ethics are highly emphasized.

Entrance date: Each semester

Program admission requirements:

Minimum Test Scores

Writing 236 Reading Comprehension 55
Arithmetic 229 Arithmetic 34

High School diploma or equivalent required for graduation.

Credits Required for Graduation: 39

Beginning Spring 2022 (January 2022), ALL FIRST TIME college students will be required to take the College Success (COLL 1020) course.

Curriculum Outline (28 hours)
Basic Skills Courses 8 credits
ENGL 1010

Emphasizes the development and improvement of written and oral communication abilities. Topics include analysis of writing, applied grammar and writing skills, editing and proofreading skills, research skills, and oral communication skills.

MATH 1012

Emphasizes the application of basic mathematical skills used in the solution of occupational and technical problems. Topics include fractions, decimals, percents, ratios and proportions, measurement and conversion, formula manipulation, technical applications, and basic statistics.

COMP 1000

Introduces the fundamental concepts, terminology, and operations necessary to use computers. Emphasis is placed on basic functions and familiarity with computer use. Topics include an introduction to computer terminology, the Windows environment, Internet and email, word processing software, spreadsheet software, database software, and presentation software.

EMPL 1000

Emphasizes human relations and professional development in today's rapidly changing world that prepares students for living and working in a complex society. Topics include human relations skills, job acquisition skills and communication, job retention skills, job advancement skills, and professional image skills.

Occupational Courses 28 credits 28
COFC 1080

This course introduces

MSNR 1015

This course provides an orientation to the masonry field and places importance on practices necessary for general safety, use of tools, materials, and equipment. Topics include Introduction to the Trade, Masonry Safety, Masonry Tools and Equipment, Measurements, Drawings and Specifications, and Mortar.

MSNR 1025

This course describes characteristics of block and brick; how to set up, lay out, and bond block and brick; how to cut block and brick; how to lay and tool block and brick; and how to clean block and brick once they have been laid. Topics also include information about masonry reinforcements and accessories that masons use on the job to lay block and brick professionally and safely.

MSNR 1035

This course focuses on residential masonry techniques, reinforced masonry, and masonry openings and metal work.

MSNR 1055

This course focuses on advanced laying techniques, effect of climate on masonry, and construction inspection and quality control.

MSNR 1105

This course focuses on advanced masonry techniques to include elevated masonry, specialized materials and techniques, masonry repair and restoration.

MSNR 1115

This course culminates the instruction in advanced masonry. Topics include commercial drawings, estimating, site layout, stone masonry, and crew leadership fundamentals.

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