Student Tracking and Retention Services

Starting college is a new experience and like all new experiences, it can be both exciting and challenging at the same time. With the right support, new students can overcome these initial hurdles and get the most out of their college education. Although the STARS program aims to assist all first-semester students, the STARS team provides services to all departments campus wide to develop initiatives to support the program’s overarching goals that benefits all students. By approaching student success from all angles, the STARS team is able to meet a greater number of individual needs spread far beyond a student’s first semester of study. The STARS teams talks to students about their social, personal, or academic lives, and help students identify ways to balance competing priorities. Students may also be referred to outside agencies that can better assist in addressing the problem area(s). The STARS team consist of Caitlin Bailey, Quanta Bell, and Regina Watts; each individual is committed to help first year students develop self-advocacy and accountability skills needed throughout college. A STARS representative can be reached via email at one of the following email addresses:

• Caitlin Bailey (Retention Coordinator):

• Quanta Bell (Special Population):

• Regina Watts (Special Services Director) :

The STARS program targets first-semester students and consists of three key objectives:

1. Encourage the development of academic competence

2. Provide ongoing orientation to campus resources and services

3. Help to identify at-risk students early on that require additional support