Before the current enrollment interruption, Albany Technical College (ATC) offered 31 programs 100 percent online. All of our college’s programs currently deliver at least one course offered 100 percent online. However, not every technical college course can be easily converted to a 100 percent online format. Nevertheless, all our courses can be delivered in a web-enhanced format. 

I’m extremely proud of Albany Tech’s faculty and academic leadership for adapting all of our courses to 100 percent online or web enhanced. The process began several years ago. The faculty expedited completion of course conversion in response to challenges presented by COVID-19 and with guidance from the Technical College System of Georgia. 
This online conversion means that our students can prepare to complete lab work by showing readiness through the completion of online assignments and individualized instruction. Students will be provided an appointment to come to campus and complete lab work. As an additional precaution, ATC will conduct a basic health screening when any student arrives on campus and before going to the lab for demonstration or practice. The college will limit the number of students on campus and in each lab at any given time. Each student’s instruction will be individualized. 
Students will eventually be allowed back to campus, at an appropriate time decided by public health officials, to make progress towards graduation. When they return, Albany Technical College will have a safer way to deliver instruction.

Anthony O. Parker        
President, Albany Technical College