March 26, 2020 COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) has changed the nature of collegiate instruction. During a time when skills taught at technical colleges are more valuable, we have temporarily modified normal operations. We don’t know when we will invite students back to campus. However, we will be prepared and ready. We pledge that we will provide a safe learning environment and a quality educational experience. To that end, we will:

  • Develop a process for each student enrolled in the spring to complete their course work and to be fairly evaluated.
  • All current courses have been converted to online or web-enhanced / hybrid formats.
  • Students applying for non-health technology programs will be exempt from the Accuplacer admissions test.
  • Each student will be offered a revised graduation plan.
  • Application fees will be waived for the summer semester.
  • Classrooms, labs and instructional equipment will be thoroughly cleaned before faculty and students come back on campus.
  • The fall term will contain three overlapping condensed terms.
  • The spring graduation will be re-scheduled during the summer.

COVID-19 has challenged our region in a manner that we all hoped could have been avoided. We don’t know exactly when we will be able to restore the entire course catalog. However, we promise that the educational experiences that we provide will be different and, more importantly, will be more relevant. We are Albany / Southwest Georgia strong. That’s not just a slogan. We have survived two tornados and a hurricane. Somehow, our community will make it through this challenge. We look forward to seeing you when the doors open. We will let you know as soon as we have revised our calendar.