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Thumbs Up!

May 16, 2011 - Albany Herald-  Albany Technical College has taken yet another step toward maintaining the institution’s stellar record of job placement for its graduates. An agreement was signed last week between ATC’s President Anthony O. Parker and Southern Polytechnic State University’s vice president that links the two schools’ engineering technology programs. ATC students will now be able to take the first two years of a bachelor of science degree and then complete the final two years of a bachelor’s degree online. A partnership between the institutions will benefit the schools and the students and it will fill a void in Southwest Georgia. While it has taken more than three years to work out the details, the agreement will be of benefit for an untold number of years.

Sherwood Christian Academy’s elementary students regularly have a “Reaching Out Day.” In April, the campus chose to make the Albany Humane Society the beneficiary. The student council visited the facility to determine what was needed and followed up with a presentation to the rest of the students and faculty. On collection day, students were asked to bring in a $1 donation or a toy or food item for the sheltered animals. When the day arrived, toys and food items well exceeded all expectations and the monetary support exceeded $250. Now that is something to bark about!

Many students who fall behind in their academics simply give up as early as middle school. Not Roger Williams. Born with an eye disease that has hindered his ability to keep up with other students at times, Williams took the more difficult route and decided to work harder. Less than a week from now, this Westover High School senior will graduate and has plans to attend Albany Tech in the fall. Williams hasn’t just gotten by academically — he has made the honor roll since the seventh grade. As it so often does, the Exchange Club of Albany took note of the young man and his against-all-odds achievements. The club named Williams ACE for his ability to Achieve the Challenge of Excellence, presented him with a plaque, a $300 scholarship and a hearty round of applause. Well done, young man.

Albany High School Chorale is winding down a busy season with numerous performances at community events. Under the direction of Anthony Miller, the group participated in the Trills and Thrills Six Flags Music Festival and came back to south Georgia with all superior ratings. One last chance to see a performance remains. The Chorale will present its spring concert at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at the AHS auditorium.

It would not be possible to list here all the students in the Dougherty County Public School System and area private schools who are recipients this year of some sort of scholarship. There are numerous athletes and just as many students that will further his or her education because of academic abilities. Each of these students is unique yet have two similar attributes. At a young age, they learned to work hard and use the natural gifts bestowed upon them. Students who excel in school have an excellent chance at a doing the same as they grow into adulthood. Congratulations and keep it up!

Whether from kindergarten, elementary school, eighth grade, or high school, students all over Albany are preparing to graduate. These young people (tomorrow’s leaders) have accomplished the task put before them when the school year(s) began. The Albany Herald wishes everyone a safe and happy summer.


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