Plus 50 Encore Program

The Plus 50 Program is part of a grant Albany Technical College received from the American Association of Comunity Colleges (AACC). The purpose of this program is to establish, enhance or expand workforce training programs leading to the completion of a degree, certificate, and/or not-for-credit credential by students 50 and over in high-demand, social impact fields of health care, education and/or social/human services.

Who is eligible?

Individuals, who have either been out of the workforce for awhile and/or coming to obtain an additional skill set, may need some form of refresher course where ATC’s Academic Achievement Center (AAC), which is fully equipped with the latest technology on learning tools and software for nearly every program on campus, will prove beneficial for this target age.

If a student comes with prior working knowledge in coordinator who will provide them with guidance on how previous knowledge gained on the job may allow them exemption from various course; shortening their time to completion.

Other benefits

As part of the project, ATC Career Services will conduct job readiness workshops covering topics including but not limited to: Cover letter and Resume Writing, Interviewing, Job Search Techniques, Dressing for Success, How to Get and Keep a Good Job, The Job Search Portfolio Creation and many more. Monthly, +50 students will interact within learning communities and build a network of peers. There will be support groups established that will meet and Lunch & Learn sessions with topics that the +50 students recommend. Based on the topic, community organizations will partner with ATC to provide valuable information and resources to the +50 students.

The goal of the project is to strengthen ATC programs leading to greater levels of success persistence, and graduation rates for the +50 population enrolled in one of the high-demand, social impact fields of health care, education and/or social human services.

For more information contact Quanta Bell