Full-time Students
(15 or more credit hours)
Part-time Students
(Fewer than 15 credit hours)
Tuition $1,500 $100/credit hour
Activity Fee $29 $29
Registration Fee $50 $50
Student Insurance $6 $6
Athletic Fee $28 $28
Technology Fee $105 $105
Instructional Fee $55 $55
Campus Safety Fee $25 $25
TOTAL $1,798 N/A
* Late Registration Fee if applicable $45 $45

Important Notes Regarding Fees

  • *Fees are subject to change annually
  • An application fee of $25.00 must accompany only the first application. $25 nonrefundable application fee deferred to student's financial aid with applicant's consent.
  • Off-campus and continuous career learning fees will vary depending upon the type and length of the course.
  • Twelve or more credit hours is considered full-time but tuition/fees are capped at 15 hours.
  • Federal credit hours are used for determining Pell Grant awards.
  • Short term Technical Certificate of Credit program tuition is established on a cost-recovery basis and may exceed the $75 per credit hour fee structure.
  • As stated in the IIREA of 2011, all students seeking in-state tuition rates must provide at least one document from the

Additional Fees & Expenses

Application Fee
Applicants for a credit course or program are charged a one-time, non-refundable application fee of $25.00. $25 nonrefundable application fee deferred to student's financial aid with applicant's consent.

Late Registration Fee
Any student who does not register for classes by the designated time will be charged a late fee of $45.

Returned Check Policy
There is a $30 charge on all returned checks.

Payments of Fees and Charges
Fees and charges may be paid by cash, check, money order, or through financial aid procedures. Payment is expected at the time of registration. Checks cannot be accepted for payment without proper identification of the student or from those students who have financial obligations to the College. Checks are not accepted for payments less than $15.

Exemption Test
The cost of the exemption test is 25 percent per credit hour. (e.g., to exempt a five credit-hour class at $36 per credit hour at 25 percent – $180 total – the student would pay $45 for exemption test.)

Each student is required to purchase books needed for particular courses. Costs may vary, depending upon the course in which the student is enrolled.

The bookstore is located in Freedom Hall. Bookstore hours are posted. A textbook form must be completed prior to purchase; textbook forms are obtained from the classroom instructor. In order to receive a refund on purchased books, the books must not be written in or damaged. Students applying for a refund must have a receipt.

In many training programs, students are required to purchase basic tools essential to the occupational field for which they are training.

Uniforms are required for students in health programs and in cosmetology. Instructors will provide details.

Residency Status

Legal Resident, State of Georgia

To be classified as an in-state student for tuition purposes, an individual must show that he or she has been a legal resident of Georgia for a period of no less than 12 months immediately preceding the date of registration. Further, the State of Georgia requires not only recent physical presence in Georgia but also the element of intent to remain indefinitely.

Out of State Students

Students who reside outside the State of Georgia will pay total tuition twice that charged Georgia residents. Alabama: Residents of those counties contiguous to the Albany Technical College service delivery area (Barbour County, Henri County, and Houston County) are exempt from paying out-of-state fees and will be assessed the same fees as residents of Georgia.

International Students

International students who reside outside the United States of America will pay four times in-state tuition rates. Please contact admissions@albanytech.edu for more information.