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Alligood, Michael Michael Alligood
Facilities Director
Albany Technical College
Campus Operations
O: (229) 430-0415
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Bailey, Caitlin Caitlin Bailey
Student Navigator
Academic Advisement Center, Office # 151
O: (229) 420-1284
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Baker, Tina Tina Baker
Infant Teacher
Child Development Demonstration Center, Room 107
O: (229) 430-3538
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Baranko, Kristi Kristi Baranko
Chair/Instructor Marketing Management
Freedom Hall, Room 102
O: (229) 430-1823
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Bean, Dr. Tiffiney Dr. Tiffiney Bean
Biology, Lead Instructor
Healthcare Technology, Room 101
Albany, 31701
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O: (229) 430-1972
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Bell, Katina Katina Bell
Administrative Assistant/ Lead Cashier
Kirkland Building, Room 134
O: (229) 430-3057
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Bell, Quanta Quanta Bell
Project Director for African American Males
Carlton Construction Academy
O: (229) 430-1708
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Bellacomo, Joe Joe Bellacomo
Design and Media Production Technology Program Chair/Instructor
CEIT Building, Room 128
O: (229) 430-3609
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Bennett, Shona Jones Shona Jones Bennett
Addiction and Substance Abuse Counseling Program, Chair
CEIT -126
O: (229) 430-3557
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