Whether you are planning a meeting, conference, or social occasion, Albany Technical College offers beautiful, state-of-the-art facilities to host your event. Our facilities include conference facilities, an auditorium, classrooms and computer labs of various sizes. For information, contact Cindy Hughes at 229-430-0557, chughes@albanytech.edu.

Kirkland Conference Center

Kirkland Conference Center

The Kirkland Conference Center is a multi-purpose room that can be arranged to handle a banquet, a large classroom setting or even a theatre. Three of the most common configurations are presented below as floor plans and pictures.

Logistics Education Center

Executive Board Room

The Executive Board Room is ideal for any executive level meeting you may have for your business. Ideally designed not only for productive in-house meetings, but also for meetings with telepresence requirements.

LEC Auditorium

The Logistics Education Center Auditorium is an ideal venue for a medium to large sized meetings. With access to multiple large LCD screens, everyone will see the bigger picture. The floor plan and pictures of the venue are provided below.

Computer Labs & Classrooms

Academic Technology Lab

The Academic Technology Lab - LEC provides a traditional classroom venue that has access to technology.

Classrooms 121 & 123

Classrooms 121 & 123 offer a traditional classroom setting with individual student desks. The layout is ideal for training sessions or even testing. The classrooms are presented below as floor plans and pictures

Computer Lab MTB

The Computer Lab - MTB provides access to 21 computer workstations at individual stations. This is ideal for training that involves the need of Internet access to present interactive materials. Please see pictures of the layout and of the venue below. Please contact us to reserve this venue.