In the economic development division we offer the following credit programs:

Business Logistics Management

About Business Logistics

Albany Technical College has one of the best logistics educational online programs in this region. The goal of the Business Logistics Degree program is to teach the next leaders the business of logistics. Logistics is more important than ever in ensuring our goods and services are delivered at the right time, place and at the right costs in the global marketplace. We want students who are looking for a rewarding career to know that Logistics is in hot demand as our economy expands globally. Now is the time to get a quality education and job in Logistics. Students will learn how to manage a supply chain and the functions that support a successful operation, and the logistics decisions it takes to get products and service to a customer and marketplace. With courses in Supply Chain Management, Management courses, and Logistics courses, student will enter the workforce with a well-rounded education in Business Logistics.

Degrees & Diplomas

  • Business Logistics Management Diploma
  • Business Logistics Management Degree


  • Logistics Specialist TCC
  • Supply Chain Management TCC
  • Customer Contact Specialist TCC
  • Service Supervision Specialist TCC
  • Freight Brokerage TCC
  • Quality Assurance Specialist TCC
  • Quality Assurance Professional TCC

Lean Six Sigma

About Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is a problem solving and process improvement approach that focuses on eliminating waste, reducing variability and improving customer satisfaction. The benefits of Lean Six Sigma ultimately drive right to a business’ bottom line!

Certified Employees are in High Demand

Lean Six Sigma at both the Green and Black Belt levels is designed to equip individuals with the methodologies and tools that will enable them to make significant improvements to processes that can reduce waste, improve effectiveness, and raise profitability. For this reason, Lean Six Sigma certified employees are in high demand.

A Life-Changing Certification for You

As an employee, certification can be life-changing. This certification prepares you for a leadership role in your company and provides the opportunity for career advancement and a higher salary.

Our Program

The Center for Business Solutions offers Lean Six Sigma in both the Green and Black Belts. Green Belt certification is offered as a credit student or non-credit Continuing Education student. Our Green Belt program is 100 percent online. Our dynamic online modules are enhanced with faculty support. Our faculty want you to succeed!

For more information, contact Program Director, Dr. Steve Eidson at 229-430-6619 or He will be happy to answer your questions about the program.