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Scholarships available
for students, recent Alumni,
and those ready to transfer

Additional scholarship information can be found at these Web sites:

Scholarships Available
Through the Albany Tech Foundation, Inc.

Through the generosity of donors, the Albany Tech Foundation manages several scholarship funds to assist students with completing their course of study at Albany Technical College. Each scholarship has various criteria.

Every applicant should obtain and return the appropriate scholarship form, along with a one-page explanation of financial need and future plans, to the Albany Technical College Financial Aid Office. Each scholarship awarded is for one academic semester only. Prior recipients are not disqualified from consideration in subsequent years.

All applicants must have a completed financial aid file (including a FAFSA), maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), and have at least a 2.0 GPA (unless otherwise stipulated).

For more information or details on scholarships contact financial aid at the college.

Contact: Kierra Sparks, Director of Financial Aid

Email: ksparks@albanytech.edu

Phone: 229.430.6157

Bagwell Foundation Scholarship

Applicants must live within Albany Technical College’s Service Delivery Area, which includes the following counties: Baker, Calhoun, Clay, Dougherty, Lee, Randolph, and Terrell. This scholarship won’t pay the full cost, nor will it pay once a student earns a credential. Recipients can’t have more than 127 attempted hours.

CDL Scholarship

This scholarship is designed to help cover the cost for training in these two high-demand careers. This scholarship will cover the tuition and fees not covered by the HOPE Grant and the Strategic Industries Workforce Development Grant (SIWDG). The student must not be eligible for the HOPE/Zell Miller Grant. This scholarship will also reimburse students who provide receipts for their MVR, drug test, and physical.

Nadeen Green and Ned Cone Scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to assist students in the purchasing of books, supplies, tools, or even to help pay tuition. Applicants must show financial need, have a strong involvement in civic or school-related clubs/organizations, have a strong work ethic, and possess strong leadership abilities or potential. Additionally, the student should articulate the reasons behind the choice of area of study/career. Completion of the application process also includes two letters of recommendation for the scholarship -- one from academic personnel from Albany Tech and one from their community at large. Recipients of this scholarship (up to $500) must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and be enrolled at the college in any technical and/or industrial program for a minimum of six credit hours for the semester of the potential scholarship award.

Phoebe Physician Health System EMT Scholarship

This scholarship is designed to help cover the cost of training as an Emergency Medical Technician. This includes Emergency Medical Technician Technical Certificate of Credit (TCC) and the EMS Professions Diploma. This scholarship will cover the tuition, materials, and fees not covered by the HOPE Grant and the Strategic Industries Workforce Development Grant (SIWDG). The student must have a 2.0 GPA or higher and maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress.

The Gretchen K. Corbin Last Mile Fund

Applicant must have completed at least six credit hours. A student can’t receive these funds for more than two semesters. Recipients must be in good standing and on track to graduate. Recipients can’t receive more than $500 per semester

Grants available

Albany Technical College has been awarded several grants to support student success through wrap around services, mentorships, financial aid, and other services aided to impact the lives of students throughout their educational journey.


Georgia Department of Community Affairs in partnership with the Technical College System of Georgia has implemented the Workforce Development Program aimed to boost the long-term recovery efforts, from Hurricane Michael, by supplying residents of the affected communities with the necessary skills to increase their household income through training in high skill, high-wage, and in-demand occupations.

REBUILD Application Form

Contact: Michele Lilly-Williams, CDBG-DR Project Director or Nicole Washington, Case Manager

Email:mlilly@albanytech.edu nwashington@albanytech.edu

Phone: 229.430.2882 or 229.430.0510

More Information: HERE


The U.S. Department of Education awarded Albany Technical College funding to provide financial assistance to students who have been impacted as a result of the coronavirus. Funding will be used to support students who were enrolled on or after March 13, 2020 and need additional financial assistance to complete their education or re-enroll in school.

SAIHE Application Form

Contact: Kenneth Williams, Director of Enrollment or Courtney James, Recruiter/Admissions Counselor

Phone: 229.430.0919 or 229.430.6148


This grant helps fund the cost to take the High School Equivalency Exam. It is for individuals in Lee, Dougherty, and Terrell counties. They are also providing financial literacy for all students enrolled in adult education.

Contact: Linda Coston, Vice President of Adult Education

Email: lcoston@albanytech.edu

Phone: 229.430.2751


October 2019, Albany Technical College was awarded a CCAMPIS grant from the U.S. Department of Education to provide campus-based childcare to low-income students enrolled at Albany Technical College. The goals of the project are to 1.) improve student success, retention, and completion rates by providing affordable and dependable childcare for Albany Technical College students; 2.) provide a healthy and safe learning environment, for the dependents of student-parents; 3.) integrate CCAMPIS participants into the existing Parent Advisory Committee; and 4.) develop marketing strategies to enhance recruitment efforts with a focus on removing childcare barriers for potential ATC student- parents. Each of these coupled together will aim to improve the overall well-being and successes of the whole student, prepare them for the workforce and provide sustaining wages for their family.

Contact: Angela Robinson, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Email: arobinson@albanytech.edu

Phone: 229.430.3662



Albany Technical College was awarded two Predominately Black Institutions (PBI) grants to

  1. improve the educational outcomes of African American males
  2. to strengthen the institution's capacity to address the whole student- mentally, academically, and physically.

Each of these grants will aid the college in developing and implementing programs to serve low-income African American students by addressing their academic needs leading to greater levels of success.


As part of a Predominantly Black Institutions (PBI) grant, Albany Technical College seeks to improve the educational outcomes of African American Males by increasing the enrollment, pass rate, and number of graduates for this target population. This project is intended to address five components 1.) Connections, 2.) Mentorships, 3.) Collaborative Learning, 4.) Mental Health, and 5.) External Collaborative Partnerships by impacting the lives of African American Males and equip them with the resources, skillsets and social well-being to be contributing citizens within their communities.

Contact: Quanta Bell, TEAAMS Project Director

Email: qbell@albanytech.edu

Phone: 229.430.1708


Student Wellness: Mental, Academic, and Physical Preparedness (M.A.P.P) Albany Technical College was awarded a Predominately Black Institutions (PBI) grant to improve the institutions capacity to address the whole student by providing supportive services for student’s health and wellness- mentally, academically, and physically.

Objectives of the M.A.P.P. project are to increase:

  • the awareness and support services for the health and well-being of students.
  • course success, persistence, and number of graduates for students enrolled in the Allied Health programs.
  • the number of students completing tutoring in occupational courses.
  • African American males enrolling, persisting, and completing Healthcare programs
  • the completion rate for Beginning/First-Generation students during their first semester and enroll in at least two courses the subsequent term.

Contact: Lashea Dancer, Project Director of Student Wellness

Email: ldancer@albanytech.edu

Phone: 229.430.3614

C.O.N.I. GRANT (Community Outreach and Nursing Infrastructure Enhancement Initiative) for Allied Health Workforce

The purpose of the Albany Technical College (ATC) Community Outreach and Nursing Infrastructure (C.O.N.I.) grant is to address the educational and workforce development needs in southwest Georgia, particularly in the healthcare sector. This initiative is aimed at increasing the number of individuals entering the healthcare field, improving educational outcomes for students, and directly responding to the ongoing demand for healthcare workers. Specifically, the C.O.N.I. project intends to enhance ATC's ability to recruit, retain, graduate, and place students in healthcare careers through a variety of strategies. The ATC C.O.N.I. project aligns with the Department of Education's objectives to expand education opportunities and improve outcomes for healthcare students. It is structured to make a significant impact on the healthcare workforce in Southwest Georgia by addressing barriers to education and employment in the healthcare sector.

Strategies Include:
Strengthening Services for Healthcare Students: The project plans to improve services that assist healthcare students from enrollment to graduation. This includes activities to attract students, assist them with program navigation, and provide resources that support their academic and personal needs.

Increasing Enrollment: By implementing targeted recruitment practices, the project aims to increase enrollment in healthcare programs. This involves developing relationships within the community, providing proper information about postsecondary education opportunities, and engaging in recruitment activities.

Improving Retention Rates: The project will support students through their academic journey to ensure higher retention rates. This includes offering specialized courses on career exploration, study skills, and time management, as well as providing access to student support services.

Enhancing Graduation and Placement Rates: The goal is to increase graduation and placement rates by strengthening career services, program advisement, and providing resources to address mental health needs and other personal challenges that may impact students' ability to complete their programs.

Addressing Workforce Demands: The project is designed to produce more graduates ready to fill the existing gaps in the healthcare workforce, particularly in nursing and other healthcare areas. This is critical for meeting the needs of industry partners and addressing the regional shortage of healthcare professionals.

Contact: Robert Stark, C.O.N.I. Grant Project Director

Email: rstark@albanytech.edu

Phone: 229.430.1390