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Harrell, Lisa
Vice President of Academic Affairs
Prosperity Hall
O: (229) 430-3602
Harrell, Carol F.
QEP Director/Assesment Coordinator
Freedom Hall, Room 110
O: (229) 430-4483
Harrell, William
AA Males Academic Coordinator
Carlton Construction Academy
O: (229) 430-0491
Harris, LaTonya
Medical Assisting Chairperson/ Instructor
O: (229) 430-3542
Hawkins, Kennosha
Kirkland Building, Room 152
O: (229) 430-6186
Hayes, Janet
Director of Accounting
Kirkland Building, Room 139
O: (229) 430-2861
Henderson, Cassandra
Chair/Instructor Computer Programming, Networking & Information Technology Professional
CEIT Building, Room 201
O: (229) 430-3617
Holliday, Robin
Clinical Coordinator Pharmacy Technology
O: (229) 430-4290
Holloway, Annette
Practical Nursing, Instructor
Healthcare Technology Building
O: (229) 430-3062
Holsey, Alexis
Administrative Assistant to the VP of Student Affairs
Kirkland Building, Admissions Office
O: (229) 430-2864
Hooks, Sharrow
Instructor, Health Information Technology
Health Technology Building, Room 207
O: (229) 430-3611
Hughes, Cindy
Coordinator, Economic Development Programs
Manufacturing Innovation Center
O: (229) 430-0557