Name Title Number
Bailey, Caitlin Student Navigator 229.420.1284
Bell, Yolanda Administrative Assistant/ Construction, Manufacturing, Transportation, & Engineering 229.430.1941
Bell, Quanta Project Director, AA Males 229.430.1708
Bridges, Shevelle Administration Assistant /Adult Education 229.430.6615
Calhoun, Roy Dean of Library Services 229.430.1729
Carter, Marilyn Early Childcare & Education Center Director 229.430.3538
Chappell, Shabreka Achievement Coach, AA Males 229.430.6060
Cooper, Markita Dual Achievement Program (DAP) Administrative Assistant 229.430.3519
Cooper, Tomekia Dean of General Ed., Professional Services, & the Academic Achievement Center 229.430.5787
Coston, Linda Vice President of Adult Education 229.430.2751
Dawkins, Jad Audio Visual Information Tech. 229.430.5781
Dancer, Lashea Director of Student Wellness: M.A.P.P 229-430-3614
Dees, Brittany Allied Health/First Generation Advisor (M.A.P.P) 229-430-3508
Edmondson, Aaron Executive Director of Dual Achievement Program (DAP) 229.430.3583
Eiland, Evelyn Registration and Testing Coordinator 229.430.2876
Griswold, Emmett Dr. Executive Vice President & Vice President of Academic Affairs 229.430.3511
Harrell, Carol QEP Director/Assessment Coordinator 229.430.4483
Harrell, Lisa Dean of Construction, Manufacturing, Transportation, & Engineering 229.430.3602
Johnson, Jonathan Audio Visual Specialist 229.430.3613
Laye, Don Evening Administrator 229.430.3577
LeBlanc, Kristi Administrative Assistant/Business & Healthcare Technologies Division 229.430.3555
Mills, Carolyn Administrative Assistant/ Public Safety & Technology Division 229.430.3600
Nix, Carol Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Academic Affairs 229.430.3518
Robinson, Angela Dean of Early Childcare Ed. & Personal Services 229.430.3662
Singleton, Kenneth Dean of Public Safety and Technology 229.420.1234
Stephens, Lisa Dean of Business & Healthcare Technologies 229.430.1721
Sutton, Sandra Career Services Coordinator 229.430.7881
Trimble, Dwana Adult Education Program Coordinator 229.430.0659
Walker, Liala Denise Administrative Assistant/General Ed., Professional Services, & the Academic Achievement Center 229.430.4134
Webb, Troycia Dean of Academic Technology 229.430.3693
Williams, Jada Dual Achievement Program (DAP) Counselor 229.430.7881
Williams, Michelle Director CDBG-DR 229.430.2882
Windom, Dietra Administrative Assistant/ Early Childcare Ed. & Personal Services 229.430.3555