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Edmondson, Aaron Aaron Edmondson
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Williams, Jayda Jayda Williams
Dual Achievement Counselor
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What type of students does the Dual Achievement Program help?

  • Dual Achievement serves students that are seeking a different environment away from a traditional high school. If you have a student that is unhappy with their current learning environment and has expressed a desire to withdraw or has already made the decision to withdraw, the Dual Achievement Program may be a good fit for them.
  • The Academy of Learning and Performance provides individuals with the opportunity to achieve personal and professional success. Our academic programs are built to prepare students for sustainable employment with hands-on learning and personal enrichment.
  • Dual Achievement is ideal for students seeking a new environment to complete their high school course requirements while earning college credentials to prepare them for in-demand careers.

List of Dual Achievement Courses


How much does it cost?

  • Like Dual Enrollment and Option B, Dual Achievement is low or zero cost to the student. There are multiple funding opportunities available for eligible students to offset the costs of the college portion of the program.

Credentials Earned

Credentials earned at the Academy of Learning and Performance at Albany Technical College

  • A recognized High School Diploma from the Dual Achievement Program
  • Two (2) technical certificates or a diploma or an associate’s degree

Age Requirements

  • Students must be between the ages of 16 to 21 years of age.

Prerequisites for Enrollment

  • If previously enrolled in a high school, students must have officially withdrawn from their previous secondary program and provide the withdrawal form to the Academy of Learning and Performance.
  • Students must have successfully completed at least six of the following required high school courses prior to admission to DAP:
    • 2 English/Language Arts
    • 2 Math
    • 2 Sciences
    • 2 Social Studies
    • 1 Health/PE

High School Credits

  • There are nine high school credits in the program of which any combination of six must be achieved prior to admission into DAP. However, up to nine of the DAP approved high school credits can be transferred into the program.

Graduation Requirements for DAP

  • Students must enroll in and successfully complete required high school courses that were not completed prior to admission to the program.
  • Students must successfully complete any of the following college-level credentials:
    • 2 Technical Certificates of Credit in a specific career pathway
    • Any ATC diploma program
    • Any ATC associate’s degree

CHECKLIST: How To Become a Dual Achievement Student

(You Can Move On)

(Required to Move On)
  • 6 of 9 credits
  • 16-21 years of age
  • Not Enrolled in High School

You need to meet these requirements for DAP

  • Need withdrawal papers and transcript

Need all paperwork to move on

  • Determine Your TCC
  • Approval from School Counselor

Without approval, you cannot apply to ATC

  • Apply to Albany Technical College

Must be completed to be fully accepted

  • Complete GSFAPPS or FASFA (Hope Career Grant)
  • Registrar with DAP Counselor/Advisor