An annual program to identify and acknowledge selected staff who have demonstrated exceptional and noteworthy performance in a given field during the preceding calendar year. The recipient will receive a one-time award.


Eligible recipients are nominated for outstanding performance during the designated calendar year. Performance must relate to:

  • the introduction of new or innovative procedures in the workplace;
  • the adoption of demonstrable/significant cost saving mechanisms or techniques;
  • significant personal contributions that contributed directly to the achievement of approved departmental or college goals; or
  • the provision of outstanding service to members of the college or the citizens and employees of the service delivery areas.
  • consideration will also be given to the completion of any formal or recognized education or training outside of official duties, which enabled the nominee to be more valuable to his/her division or to ATC in general.


The program is open to active, permanent full-time staff with at least one year of college service by July 1, 2023. Directors and other defined senior professionals are excluded.

DEADLINE for Submission

All nominations for the 2023 ATC Employee of the Year Awards Program must be received at in the Public Relations Office NO LATER THAN July 15, 2023.

Nomination Process:

  • Recommendations for recognition may be initiated by the individual’s peers, immediate supervisors, full-time faculty/staff, board of directors, or foundation members.
  • The screening panel will review nominations to verify that the criteria given above have been met and make recommendations of finalists to the president.
  • All nominations must be made on the attached ATC Employee of the Year Award Nomination Form. The Background and Summary should clearly describe the significance of the achievements that make the nominee worthy of special recognition.
  • The background information should list information about current job responsibilities, title, length of service, and information about normal job duties.
  • The Summary of Achievement must be complete. It is important to condense the one-page writing to a paragraph of 200 words or less since this is the statement that will be used in the official program brochure.
  • Nominations not meeting the format requirements or that are incomplete will be returned for correction and resubmission. Resubmission nominations must still meet the deadline. Initial nominations are corrected; nominations received or postmarked after the deadline will not be considered.

Nomination Form