Badges from Albany Technical College symbolize the acquisition of specific skills or knowledge, with credit course badges often contributing to formal qualifications and non-credit course badges focusing on skill development and lifelong learning. They offer a tangible way for students to demonstrate their achievements and for employers to recognize the value of these accomplishments.

Credit Course Badges

These badges are earned as part of credit-bearing courses, which are part of a formal education program leading to a degree or certificate.

  • Implications for Students:
    • Recognition of Skills: Represents specific competencies and learning outcomes.
    • Academic Credit: Can contribute towards a degree or certification.
    • Resume Enhancement: Adds value to a student’s academic profile, showcasing their achievements to potential employers.
  • Implications for Employers:
    • Skill Verification: Assurance that the badge holder has achieved a certain level of proficiency in the subject matter.
    • Consistency: A standardized measure of certain skills or knowledge, useful in evaluating potential employees.

Non-Credit Course Badges

These badges are associated with courses that do not count towards a formal degree or certificate but focus on specific skills or knowledge areas.

  • Implications for Students:
    • Skill Development: Focuses on learning or improving specific skills.
    • Professional Development: Useful for career advancement or personal interest.
    • Flexible Learning: Often more flexible in terms of scheduling and commitment, appealing to working professionals.
  • Implications for Employers:
    • Continuous Learning: Indicates a candidate’s commitment to ongoing learning and skill development.
    • Diverse Skill Set: Reflects a broader range of skills that might be beneficial in dynamic work environments.

Both Types of Badges

Badges are often digital, making them easy to share on social media, digital resumes, or LinkedIn profiles.
Both types of badges are backed by the educational authority of Albany Technical College, ensuring their credibility.
They also serve as a motivational tool for students, encouraging them to complete courses and engage in learning activities.

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How It Works

  1. Enrollment: Students enroll in a course (credit or non-credit).
  2. Completion: They complete the course, meeting all the required criteria.
  3. Assessment: Their skills and knowledge are assessed through tests, projects, or other evaluation methods.
  4. Issuance: Upon successful completion and assessment, the badge is issued.
  5. Sharing: Students can then share their badges electronically, showcasing their achievements.

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Credit Courses

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NonCredit Courses

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Manufacturing Technology Center, Room 101
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Adult Education Badges

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Artisan Hall, Room 415
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