Automotive Technology Refresh Presentation

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Albany, Georgia – Albany Technical College will have a Refresh presentation featuring Automotive Technology, Wednesday, November 3, at 10 a. m. in Freedom Hall building, room 116. A small group of faculty, staff, and former students will be on hand during the event, highlighting what is new in the program and expected outcomes for graduates. The presentation will include information about the diploma that is available in the Automotive Technology program.

“The Automotive Technology Program here at Albany Technical College likes to mirror the automotive industry in our area utilizing teaching methods that include the most widely used equipment, such as Hunter Alignment equipment, and the most up to date scanners available, such as Snap-On and AUTEL just to mention a few,” says James Miller, Automotive Technology Chair/ Instructor.

Demonstrations will take place showing some of the areas being taught using the latest in new technology. A HawkEye Elite® Alignment System and Snap-On ZEUS® Diagnostic and Information System will be represented in the diagnostic training area of the lab.

The HawkEye Elite® Alignment System provides results in as few as 70 seconds, which means faster alignments and transparency to customers/students through easy-to-understand printouts.

The Snap-on® Fast-Track® Intelligent Diagnostics software, ZEUS, provides all the functions and repair tips a technician needs to diagnose, repair, and manage any issue. But unlike any tool before, it practically anticipates your next move by guiding you through every step you need to find the solution while avoiding the steps you don’t.

For more information about the Automotive Technology program, contact James Miller.


Phone: 229.430.3535