Live Virtual Refresh of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management

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Albany, Georgia Albany Technical College will have a virtual live Facebook presentation featuring Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management, Tuesday, May 25, at 10 a. m. in Freedom Hall (FRE) building, room 108. A small group of faculty, staff and former students will be on hand during the event which will highlight what is new in the program as well as expected outcomes for graduates. The presentation will include information about the degree and diploma as well as the embedded technical certificate of credits that are available in the Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management program.

Anyone interested in mastering the fundamental hospitality skills of financial management, operations management, organizational development, management to operate hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, clubs, resorts, and tourist destinations in the U.S. or around the world, should consider this degree. The Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management program delivers real-world experiences to build the knowledge and skills needed to launch a successful hospitality career.

“An interesting point about the program is that it can all be taken 100% online. We have had students in hospitality management that are from all over the world. But We have those students that prefer to come into the classroom for hands-on learning. Once they're in the classroom, they get the practical experience needed within the industry. We also do different types of scenarios and role play with the students as if they are working in the industry,” says Melissa Hall, Chair/Instructor of Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management.

The Hotel. Restaurant, and Tourism Management program entails how to be a manager, supervisor, or owner in the hospitality industry and prepares students for employment in the areas of: Food Service, Meeting and Convention Planning, Airlines, Cruise, Travel, Recreation, and Theme Parks. Under the umbrella of hospitality and tourism, there are countless career opportunities including: restaurants, hotels, tourism, the cruise line industry, and event planning. Whether you want to live and work locally or travel the world, a degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management takes you anywhere you want to go.

For more information about the Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management program, contact Melissa Hall.