Manufacturing Innovation Center and Mobile Stem Lab

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Thursday, February 24, 2022

Albany, Georgia – Friday at 10:00 am, Albany Technical College will discuss the rebranded Manufacturing Innovation Center on campus and launch a Mobile STEM Lab. The event will take place on Slappey Blvd., at the building, near the Pedestrian bridge.

The rebranding of the Manufacturing Technology Center to the "Manufacturing Innovation Center" (MIC) is a slight but essential difference. The change of name better reflects the critical thinking involved in today's manufacturing industry.

"The name 'Manufacturing Innovation Center' communicates the changes in the industry. The ongoing commitment by Albany Technical College to stay well-informed of the needs of manufacturers in the area is a priority. The challenges to the industry in the coming years will dictate that we work closely with employers to make sure we are at the cutting edge of training graduates as they enter the workforce," said Dr. Anthony Parker, President of Albany Technical College.

The many issues related to manufacturing, including supply chain problems, plant floor capacity, consumer demand changes, and spending patterns, have created an industry-wide transformation. One of the most significant factors has been the pandemic that seems uncertain as we move forward. Manufacturing has undeniable challenges that will open opportunities in the near future.

Companies will need to prepare for the unexpected, to "INNOVATE" by introducing new methods, ideas, or products. This resiliency will change the industry in the coming years and change how an employee will do the job as the industry moves forward. Ever changing circumstances call for nimbleness and calculated decisions to answer tough questions. Tying the three areas together: technology, people, and the process will make companies successful.

About the new Mobile STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) Lab:

The objective of the Mobile STEM lab is to expose current and prospective students to the different facets of engineering technology by way of providing instruction and demonstrating the usage of engineering-associated equipment and tools.

In August 2019, the college initiated a request to purchase a Mobile Stem Lab for the engineering department. That lab was finished late last year and is now ready to use in the community. For years, transportation to campus has been an issue for our students in the surrounding rural counties. This new lab will enable the college to provide students with information on engineering fields based on the lab's resources and provide ATC the opportunity to offer instructional engineering classes within the mobile lab.

The 30-foot trailer is custom made with ten computer workstations, air conditioning, sound-deadening walls, a lavatory, a 40" external viewable monitor, a 55" touchscreen TV, speakers, and a wireless microphone system. The lab also has a 24-port switch CAT 6 network with printer and scanner, a router, and two roof-mounted antennas. A 12-kilowatt diesel generator is available for power.