Middle Georgia State University Articulation Agreement

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Albany Technical College, Middle Georgia State University Sign Articulation Agreement

Albany, Georgia – Officials from Albany Technical College (ATC) and Middle Georgia State University (MGA) signed a formal agreement on Monday, Nov. 14, that creates a seamless transition for ATC graduates to earn their bachelor's degrees. Through a new articulation agreement, the technical college and the university will establish transfer credit and program acceptance criteria for ATC graduates to complete a bachelor's degree at MGA.

This agreement is intended for ATC graduates who meet the requirements and plan to transfer to MGA after completing an associate degree. The partnership specifically applies to the Associate of Applied Science in Computer Technology with a concentration in cybersecurity. The AAS degree at Albany Technical College will transfer to a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology earned at MGA.

"Albany Technical College is proud to partner with Middle Georgia State University. These pathways for our graduates allow them to earn a bachelor's degree after they have successfully earned an associate degree with us," said Emmett Griswold, Ed.D., President of Albany Technical College. "The signing of this articulation agreement reflects both institutions' commitment to increase educational opportunities and create career advancement for students."

"We are excited to add Albany Technical College to our growing list of partnerships that provide smoother pathways for students to earn their bachelor’s degrees,” said Christopher Blake, Ph.D., MGA’s president. “These partnerships are crucial to our University living up to one of its core values, engagement. Engagement includes collaborating with other institutions to help us serve prospective students with extraordinary higher learning opportunities.”

This joint program will allow qualified ATC graduates with an AAS Associate of Applied Science in Computer Technology to enter the online or face-to-face Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at Middle Georgia State University. This agreement is active as of October 2022.

To learn more about this partnership, visit our website, email Admissions@AlbanyTech.edu or call 877-261-3113.